Well, hello there friends!

How was your weekend?

Smashing? Tubular? Awesome?

Geez, I can’t believe tomorrow is Halloween.  Holy bananas. We still don’t have a costume. Eh, whatevs. Are you dressing up?

Anyways, Mr. B and I started our Sunday with a hike along Loveland Pass. When we first arrived at the pass, it was BLOOOWING wind. I gave Mr. B the look of: “I’ll give you five minutes, and if it sucks, we are going back to the car.”

He nodded, I think?

Well, thirty-minutes later….still hiking into blowing wind!! W.T.F. He was so lucky because the minute I started throwing a temper tantrum, the wind died down.

Napoleon Dynamite voice: “Lucky.”

Once the wind calmed down, it was smooth sailing. There were a couple of troublesome spots but overall the hike was beautiful.
It took us about an hour to get to the top. Not too shabby considering we were almost blown over!
The top was absolutely breathtaking.
You could see for miles. There’s something to be said for being on top of the world so to speak. You know, where everything is quiet and all you can hear is your heart beat. For me, it puts life into perspective. Cherish every moment because it could all be gone tomorrow.
View from the top
View of A-Basin
View of Keystone
East wall at A-Basin…scary!
I wonder if they can see my pants from space? 
Is that a pond? 
This should be your new FB profile pic.
Where’s Capitan Morgan?
The Griswold’s

The hike down wasn’t nearly as bad. Good thing Mr. B was highly entertaining.

I think I see yellow in the snow…
Yeah, I definitely see yellow snow. 

Once we were done with our hike, we headed to A-Basin for our first official run of the 2011-2012 ski season! Ahhhh…..yeahhhhhhhh!

I heart you A-Basin. 

Mr. B and I were both starving when we arrived, so we trotted over to the sundeck for a juicy burger and a 24 ounce Tecate. We keep things classy around here.

Another blue-bird day!
Cheaper than Malibu.
As we ate our lunch, we people watched like a mother trucker.
Plethora of a skiers.
Duff Man and Waldo
Once we were done eating, we geared up and headed towards the line. The wait to get on the lift wasn’t too terrible. I think we waited for about 5 minutes. That’s nothing compared to Vail on a powder day.
We only took three laps because the mountain only had 3 runs open. It was nice to stretch the legs, but let me tell you, I am sore.
Skiing is hard work people!
Today was the perfect end to an amazing weekend with the hubs.
We need date day/night/weekend more often!