Tomorrow ends another month in the 2011 calendar. Geesh. Next up, April showers. Yuck.

I feel as though I spent the month of March in two ways:

1. Being extremely busy with things like running for three hours to baby showers to snow skiing.
2. Doing absolutely nothing, like laying on the couch and taking care of my sick husband.

I really need to find more balance in my life!!

Okay, enough with crazy talk and on with today’s post. I thought I would share with you some of my favorite moments in March. It’s been a loooooong 31 days but I think March is growing on me.

Here are my fav’s:

Getting to show you that I am a complete nerd with a splash of toolness.

Running twenty miles! Alleluia!
Witnessing a beautiful sunset.
Getting to make this.
Oh, and this.
Ooohhhh, this too!
Making soup for a sick Mr. B.
Celebrating St. Paddy’s day with one lucky Irishman.
Playing corn hole at a baby shower! Brilliant.
Taking a stroll in the city.
The possibility of becoming a You Tube star!
Last, but not least…skiing with the girls!
Happy Hump Day Ya’ll!!