The last day of vacation.


These days always stink.

Stupid reality.

This week was amazing. From family adventures to hail storms to high country margaritas. I can honestly say that each and every day was an absolute blast. A big thank you to Chuck and Susie for making it possible and to the Griswold’s for making the 10 hour trip!

In case you want to catch up, here is a recap of each day:

– let vacation begin!
– a day of sun
– red, white, and blue…
– wildlife at 10,000 feet
– an un-day
– rain, rain, go away…
is that hail?
– the last meal

We kissed Chuck and Susie goodbye around 6am this morning. They were headed back to Wichita and I heard the high was 108 degrees! Barf.

Mr. B and I went back to sleep until 7:30am and then got to packing. We had to be out of the house by 11am. And….did I forget to mention that we had to run 12 miles today? Yep. Bless Matt and Elizabeth’s heart. They helped us close up the house and ran the first six miles with us. Saint’s I tell ya.

Once Mr. B and I were done running we met back up with Elizabeth and Matt for lunch at the Boat House. We were all starving.

Bloody Mary…yes, please! 

We shared some calamari with a thai dipping sauce. Delish.
For lunch I had the turkey club with onion rings. I swear running long distance makes my stomach act weird. One minute I could eat a horse and the next, I am stuffed.
After lunch we headed to Steamboat village to try and mountain bike. But when we got to the bike rental shop, they closed the gondola due to lightning. So annoying.
Well, with the gondola not being open we all decided to head back to Denver.
Traffic was insane. Effing I-70 was a parking lot.
When we arrived home we had a crap load of stuff to unpack. In fact, I think we came home with more stuff. 
Mr. B unpacked while I headed to Whole Foods to pick up dinner. I grabbed some pork chili soup and then made a fresh salad. I was dying for some veggies.
I am not looking forward to going to work tomorrow. 
Whens the next vacation?