I was worried about the weather all day today.

The weather man promised sunny skies and temps in the mid sixties. Well, I should’ve know better then to believe more then half of his prediction. Other then a partly cloudy day, the temperature remained pleasant.

Thank goodness because our play date in the park was on!

All the girls decided to meet up in Wash Park for a picnic. I love this park. I swear if these park paths could talk…

We arrived and set up our spot. Do I spy with my little eye a plethora of Bob strollers?

Before we dug into all of the treats we had to do a quick baby photo shoot! 
So flipping cute! Miles, Chance, and Callie are so adorable. 
After we were all done oohing and aahing, we dove right into dinner. Everyone brought something to the picnic. Strawberries, crackers and cheese, pizza, humus, cookies…it was all delish! 
Of course we celebrated with some bubbly and wine. In all honesty, I probably could drink champagne everyday. 
Time flew by! 

Between playing pass the baby and chatting up a storm, the night passed quicker then I would have liked. I’m beginning to love our Tuesday get togethers!
Until next Tuesday…stay classy!