Guess what?

Tomorrow is Friday! Yeehaw!

Oh, and another thing, can you believe October 1st is this Saturday? Holy Batman! Where did September go?

One minute I was watching my friend Heather walk down the aisle.

The next, I was cruising on my bike visiting wineries with my girlfriends in Palisade.

Then we were celebrating Oktoberfest.

Followed up with running a half marathon at 10,000 feet.

Whew bessie! But given all of that, I am freaking so excited for October. Besides my birthday month (February…write that down), October is hands down my favorite month. Why you ask?

I think the best way to explain my love affair with October is in list form:

1. Pumpkins: From pumpkin muffins to pumpkin patches to pumpkin flavored coffee to actually carving pumpkins, it all makes me happy.

2. Leaves: As a kid I remember my Dad raking huge piles of leaves in our front yard. Of course, being annoying child, I would jump in those piles causing my Dad to start all over. I don’t remember if he ever got mad. Hmmm…sorry Dad!

3. Boots: OMG. Love me some boots.

4. Football: Go Kitties!

5. Ski season: Yep. Have I ever mentioned that I love snow?

6. Chili: My Mom would always cook up a big pot of chili before she took my brothers and I trick-or-treating. I love all kinds of chili, but my favorite is definitely Mr. B’s!

7. Halloween!: Need I say more? This is my favorite holiday. Oh yeah, it beats Christmas and Thanksgiving by a looooong shot. I have to thank my Mom for making this holiday epic. We would always decorate the house with creepy crawlers, stuff our scary fake dummy Ferdinand, take haunted hay rack rides and sip cider.

Okay, have I convinced you to join the Halloween band wagon? Come on…you know you want to!

It’s totes cool. (Yeah, I just said that)

Hope you had a great Thursday!

Stay tuned for Foodie Fridays tomorrow. It’s gonna be a riot.

P.S. Have you stumbled upon Pinterest? Definitely check it out. But I’m warning you, it’s completely addicting.