Happy Hump Day!

I am feeling WORLDS better today thanks to a good nights sleep and a very cuddly Mr.B. I’m telling ya the man can cuddle. It’s probably why we don’t have a dog. Wait. Did I just compare my husband to a dog? Babe, if you’re reading this you know I love ya.

But if I was to have a dog, I would have a hard time choosing between a…

French Bulldog
– Lets be honest, it’s the ears. I would kiss those like it was my job. Plus, how could you say no to that face?

English Bulldog
– FAV! OMG. I heart you.

– My little brother has a Corgi named Myles and he is a total BAMF. I just love his short little legs and fox like persona. Adorable.

Hmmm…in your opinion, which dog could you see me with? Be honest. Mr. B would love to have a Bullmastiff or a Great Dane, but I think I am definitely a smaller dog person. But not to small. I despise Poodles. Yuck. They freaking creep me out, and honestly, what do you do with a poodle? Seriously.

In other news, my Grandpa Chuck had a pacemaker put in this morning and the surgery was a success! He is a rockstar. My Dad said he is resting comfortably in the hospital and should be home by tomorrow!  Love ya G-Dizzle.

While I have your attention regarding family matters, my cousin Caleb turns twenty-one today. He is a junior at K-State and is studying agriculture science. Don’t let the major fool you because this kid is taking the world by storm. The guy could sell gum to a kid with lock-jaw.

Anyways, he sent this email out on Monday to the family letting everyone know he wanted to have a pub crawl for his birthday. Well, my brother John responded today and I about died of laughter:

CALEB: Hello all! In celebration of everybody’s favorite relative turning 21 this Wednesday, I would like to put together the first annual Wurth Family Pub Crawl. The date TBA. Look out for a future email detailing the date and theme. Shoot me an email if you are interested.
Sincerely, the Wurth Family Social Chair
Caleb “The Wildcats are 3-0” Wurth

JOHN: Caleb – 1) Happy birthday 2) I can’t believe you are already out of friends, and are reduced to partying with your family 3) Way to try and trick people into sending you birthday presents 4) Don’t have the pub crawl this weekend or on the weekend of the 22nd. We’ll be out of town 5) First stop is the Brooksider. Not because we will drink there (I refuse), but because we can tell the bouncer that took your ID that you’re all growed up now.

Oh, and speaking of K-State, they are playing Baylor on Saturday live on ABC! Booyah! We better beat those bears. The word on the street is that they are good, but I know Snyder will whip something up. After all, Bill is the original Honey Badger.

Alright, back to hump day.

I stopped by World Market after work. I needed to pick up a couple of kitchen items (i.e. bowls, napkins, etc) as well as some wine. No joke, their wine prices are the best deal in town. I grabbed a bottle of Menage a Trios for $8.99. Hells ya.

Dinner tonight was part of Foodie Fridays so I can’t show the full Monty. But I can show this epic grilled cheese sandwich I made. Seriously, WOW.

Hello, Jack Cheese! Where have you been all my life? Let’s party, mmkay?

In the mix:
– Ciabatta
– Mayo
– Shallots
– Arugula
– Granny Smith Apple Slices
– Pepper Jack Cheese

You should make this grilled cheese right now. No really. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

And with that, I bid you farewell.