You talking to me?
Can I help you?
Yo, check it.
I got dis here powder (wipes nose), and it’s whack.
Sir, are you trying to sell me drugs?
Nah, man.
Have you ever heard of matcha?
Yeah, matcha.
Ya know, the green tea powder?
Um, no.
Sir, are you sure you’re not trying to sell me some illegal substance?
And for the record, I ain’t no man.
My bad babycakes.
I didn’t mean no disrespect.
I just trying to spread the love about matcha.
Okay. (Sigh). What is matcha?
Well, I’m glad you asked…

Matcha (MAH-cha) is a finely-ground green tea that is commonly used in Japanese tea ceremony’s. This superstar powder is formed when shade-grown leaves are finely milled, so, when used in cooking or baking, you’re ingesting tons of nutrients. In fact, it has almost 137 times more cancer-fighting elements then plain old green tea. Matcha tastes slightly sweet, so it is often today, in lattes, milkshakes and desserts (source one and two).

Whoa. I didn’t know that!
See, I told you. Matcha is where it’s at.
Where can I buy some?
Well, I would hook you up, but I’m fresh out.
Yo, you can order some online or grab some at the coffee counter.
Sorry for being so rude.
Don’t worry about it gurl. Just promise me you’ll make this killer dessert. Dat’s all.
(thinking to myself) Man, Whole Foods has some whack employees. Eh, whatevs.

Matcha Swirl 
(from Bon Appetit October 2011)

Serves 4

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes

1 package frozen mango, defrosted
4 teaspoons sugar, divided
3.5 ounces white chocolate
1.5 cups low-fat Greek style yogurt
1 teaspoon matcha powder

Mix mango with 2 teaspoons sugar and macerate for 30 minutes. Melt white chocolate either in microwave or on stove stop. Once melted and slightly cooled, gradually whisk in yogurt. Divide yogurt/chocolate mixture between two bowls.

In another small bowl, combine remaining 2 teaspoons sugar and matcha powder Add 1 tablespoon hot water, whisk until a paste forms. Add paste to white chocolate-yogurt mixture. Stir to combine.

Dived mango among four fun glasses!  Make a small hole in the green yogurt mixture and pour yogurt mixture into center. Fold just enough to create swirls. Spoon over mango and enjoy!