I thought I would share 10 things that you probably don’t know about me…

1). I LOVE office supply stores.
2.) I carry a miniature flash light in my purse for in case of an emergency.
3.) I love McDonald’s spicy mustard sauce.
4.) I despise Cheryl Crow.
5.) I would definitely freak out if I were to meet Giada De Laurentis.
6.) I remember tipping over flower pots as a child so I could use a broom to sweep up the mess. OCD came early for me.
7.) If I weren’t in finance, I would have been a cop.
8.)  I broke both of my wrist’s as a child during the summer and had to cover the casts with bread wrappers so I could swim. It was the 80’s.
9.) When I am bored, I snack on Ghirardelli frozen chocolate chips.
10.) I actually went to a job interview a few days after I dislocated my shoulder without a sling. My boss is the guy who interviewed me.