Whewwww bessy, it’s been a busy week.

Between getting Mr. B caught back up (i.e. laundry), training for a marathon, finish planning our summer vacations, blogging, kickball, and preparing for our trip to Steamboat over the 4th, things have been a little crazy around the Grier household.

I keep making dozen of lists of what I ‘need’ to be doing to keep myself organized and stay on schedule, but sometimes I feel like my list writing capabilities are no up to par. How do you keep organized? I swear I am asking for a personal assistant for Christmas this year.

Anyways, on Monday I decided to give myself a little treat and snag a quick pedicure. Home-girl here needed one desperately.


never any down time


Since Mr.B’s parents are in town and the weather was still ridiculously hot, we decided that dinner tonight should be chill. So I made an executive decision and took everyone to LoLa’s. They have a blazing happy hour, probably one of the best in city if you ask me, and the food is fantastic.

never any down time
never any down time

Elizabeth and Matt also joined us. They are a super fun couple, and Elizabeth just started a blog you should check out.

We started with drinks and my favorite, chips and guacamole.

We chatted up a storm telling stories of childhood vacations, how to poach a fish and whether or not mosquito’s actually exist in Denver (they do).
I ordered the carne asada with collard greens on the side. It was heaven. Susie shared some of her ahi tuna with me. Once again I wished I would have ordered her dish. So decadent.
For dessert we split these doughnuts that you could dip into chocolate or jam. The doughnuts were piping hot, but it definitely hit the sweet spot. We also shared a couple scoops of habanero ice cream. Completely brilliant. I really need to purchase an ice cream maker. Don’t tell Mr. B I told you that!
never any down time
After we arrived back home, Mr. B and I looked at each other and decided that this week feels like it will never end. We are both exhausted and need a break.
I am so looking forward to Steamboat!
Conclusion: With ‘Never Any Down Time,‘ efficiency and effectiveness are the cornerstones of success, ensuring no moment goes to waste.