This morning we awoke to grey skies. 
I was a little bummed at first to think my Saturday would be covered in clouds with the possibility of more inside action than out. I quickly reassured myself that even though the weather wasn’t ideal for May, I’d embrace whatever the day brought. After all, anything is better than being stuck in an office all day.
Brunch was enjoyed at a local crepe restaurant down the street from our apartment. We haven’t visited Crepes’n Crepes it quite sometime, and figured a savory filled thin pancake would be just the ticket to start this weekend off on the right foot. 
With all of the tables being occupied when we arrived, the bar was the next best option. 
Coffee with cream to start. 
A little leisurely reading…(when was the last time you read a newspaper?!)

One of the perks of sitting at the bar was watching this gentleman make about a dozen crepes in less than sixty seconds. The funny thing, he probably thought I was crushing on him because I kept staring in his general direction. Little did he know that I was contemplating how to steal that giant jar of Nutella without anyone noticing. 

For my brunch entree, I went with the smoked salmon and goat cheese. I was craving a protein, but didn’t want to feel like I was going to waddle out of the restaurant when I was finished. Enter, salmon. 

Sadly, I was unable to snag the giant jar of Nutella. Next time. We left the restaurant and strolled over to Tattered Cover Book Store to pick up a copy of In the Night Kitchen and Where the Wild Things Are. As you may know, Maurice Sendak, the writer of these two books passed away last week. 
My mom would read both of these books to my brothers and I all the time as kids. Mom, next time I am home will you read this to me? Please?!
 After hearing that he had passed away, I wanted to make sure I added these books to our collection that way when we have children someday we can read it to them. 
I mean you just can’t beat – “Milk in the batter, milk in the batter, we bake cakes and nothings the matter!” Or, “And when he came to the place where the wild things are they roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth and rolled their terrible eyes and showed their terrible claws.”

Once story time concluded, Mr. B and I felt a jog was in order. No sense in sitting around the apartment even if the sun wasn’t shining. We jogged around the park down the street and discussed upcoming summer plans and somewhere in there we agreed to run a half marathon every year. #wishful thinking. 
Mr. B is coming along with his running. Last year we tried to run the Prairie Fire marathon in Wichita, KS and midway through our training he developed a serious case of planters fasciitis. This put his running on hold for almost a year. Poor guy. He is slowly working up his mileage and looking to complete the Gold Leaf Half Marathon in September!
After our jog, we showered and headed over to LoHi Steakbar to meet Matt and Elizabeth for dinner. 
We started with cocktails. Bubbles for the ladies, stiff drinks for the men. 
The restaurant was bumping because the Denver Nuggets were playing the L.A. Lakers in the first round of playoffs. I am not the biggest fan of the NBA, but the game was fun to watch because the players were actually “trying”. Funny how a little effort can help move things along? 
I ordered a burger for dinner, but completely forget to take a picture! Ooops. I blame the bubbles! The Nuggets ended up losing and the restaurant started to quickly sober up. That was our cue to exit. 
Hope you had a great Saturday!