Can I get an Amen that we only have a four day work week?


After the wildly successful wedding on Saturday, I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday than shooting guns. Yep. Don’t be scared, we had a professional on hand. Chris Jarivs, who owns Home On The Range in Winfield, KS, is a close personal friend of the Grier’s and he was kind enough to spend the afternoon with us on his families farm.

Not gonna’ lie, I was nervous. I wasn’t scared of the shotguns per se because I handled one last year at the clay shoot. But this time we were also shooting hand guns. Do wha? Homegirl here has never shot an actual pistol. OMG.

The drive to Winfield is about 45 minutes south of Wichita so on the car ride down I caught up on some reading.

I picked up this digital photography book on food styling the other day. I am really looking forward to improving my photography skills!
Once we arrived in Winfield, we stopped at the store to pick up Chris and ammo. This was actually an old grocery warehouse back in the olden days that they are turning into a shooting range. 
Freaking sa-weet!
Then it was off to the family farm. The boys setup the shooting targets, while Andrea and I contemplated whether we should make a break for it. 
We started with the handguns.
Scott went first, followed by Andrea, me, Evan and Mr. B. Okay, I was shakin’ in my boots when I first walked up to the shooting line. I know, I know…..I’ve previously stated that I was almost a cop. But let me tell you, holding a pistol is quite intimidating.

Chris was the perfect instructor (he did raise three girls so he has tons of patience). We all shot a couple different pistols, but my favorite was the Five-Seven.  
After we shot handguns we moved on to target shooting. This is more up my alley. It was fun to watch Andrea and the guys shoot. Clay shooting is wicked fun.
We left the farm around 5pm to head back to Wichita for dinner. And not just any dinner, Evan’s birthday dinner! 
Menu: Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Green Beans and Biscuits.
The weather finally cooled down so we actually played in the back yard before dinner. Mr. B and I also caught up with Granny. She is still hysterical for being ninety-plus!

After dinner we had birthday cake and ice cream. 

Happy Birthday Evan!
This morning I woke up early and knocked out ten miles like it was my job. Dude, running at sea level is AWESOME! 
I actually ran the bad boy in 1:37:17. It’s not suppa’ fast, but I was excited! The weather was perfect. Cool with a slight breeze. Best run I have had in a long time.
Once I arrived back to the house, I took a quick shower because the girls were headed to Target for a little dumpster diving.
We watched Ella become a fashion diva and then we cleaned out the fitness section. I am so PUMPED for fall running!
After Target we headed home for lunch and a little playtime with Gracie in the backyard. Ella was having a ball!
Then it was time to say goodbye and head to the airport. 
I had the best time this weekend. From seeing Heather get married to shooting guns to stuffing my face with friend chicken, I can definitely say this Labor Day weekend was one for the books!
Happy Labor Day! 
P.S. Jeff, Kelly, Gabe, and Grayson we missed you!