Last night we celebrated in STYLE!

There was much to celebrate this weekend. Listy’s birthday and the opening weekend of PROM, produced by our friend Justin.

So we decided to dress up in PROM attire, ride in a limo, eat at a fancy restaurant, and watch the flick. It was a night to remember….

I was so excited when Mr. B asked me to go as his date for PROM. I mean, my ultimate crush had asked me to the most important event of my life. Instead of getting super fancy, we kept it classy by going with an 80’s themed attire.

Large bows, poofy dresses, mustaches, and bow ties were just a few items that completed our look.

We all met up at the Lehman’s for group pictures, boutonniere pining, and a little pre-drink as we waited for the limo! Can I just tell you that getting ready for PROM when your almost thirty is so much cooler! 
My PROM date. I am so lucky. 
The B-Day girl and her boy-toy.  Love the vest. 

My PROM date is so HOT. 
Other dashing dates. 

The ulitmate boutonniere. 
Complete awkward pictures were required. 
The gaggle of girls. 

After our group pictures we hopped into the limo and headed downtown for dinner.

A toast to the evening.

To keep with the tradition of PROM we decided to have dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.  It sure was fancy! There were probably a dozen tables with high schoolers going to actual PROM. I will say that we did get some compliments on our wardrobes.

The PROM crew.  

The PROM Queen and King.
Madonna meets Debbie Gibson explosion.

The Queen receiving her royal treatment, a shot bestowed upon her by the lovely workers of Hard Rock 

On to the show! 
The movie was fun to watch! It was great to see all of the hard work Justin put into this movie.
Quit poking! 

Soooo cool to see Justin’s name! 

Can’t wait for next years PROM!!

I hope Mr. B asks me again.