Happy 2012!

How was your New Years weekend?

Did you drink lots of champagne? Kiss you sweetie at midnight? Stay out all night with owls?

I will tell you that I accomplished only two out of the three above. I had no problem drinking bubbly or kissing Mr. B at midnight, but trying to stay up past 2am was a struggle. Getting old sucks. Plus, in my opinion nothing good ever happens after midnight. Hello…even Cinderella got the hell out dodge before midnight and she turned out okay.

Anyways, spending the last two days in the mountains with all of our close friends was the perfect way to end our long holiday adventure. Check out our past week and a half of travel!

Travel itinerary:
– Denver to Wichita
– Wichita to San Diego
– San Diego to Denver
– Denver to Vail
– Vail to Denver


Mr. B and I were talking on the car ride home today that this was the longest vacation we have taken since our honeymoon, or possibly college. We both turned and looked at each other at the same time, and said, “What the hell is wrong with us?” Hopefully this year we will take another trip. Have any suggestions on where we should go?

Okay, back to our New Years weekend. Every year our good friends Nick and Tom, who live in Vail, host a New Years Eve bash. The party is always themed. Last years theme was “ABC” – anything but cloths. This years theme was “One Article of Clothing.” Since Mr. B and I forgot to brainstorm ideas before we left for Christmas, I thought why not go in an adult pajama onesies! Brilliant.

Mr. B ended up finding the last remaining pink bunny onesie at Target in Silverthorne and it was a woman’s XXXL. I am not trying to be mean, but if you’re that big, why would you want to wear a giant pink pajama with bunny feet? Doesn’t that seem weird? I ended up buying my pink onesie with skulls at Wal-mart in Avon.

What do you think? Pink is sexy.

Max and AC were Goose and Maverick.
Since Chance was feeling sick, Listy, Brad/Ashley/Adrian (Lehman’s visiting from Topeka), and I stayed at our place, while the boys went over to Nick and Tom’s to show everyone their outfits.
While the boys were away, the rest of us played the drinking game, Presidents and Ass*ho$es. I haven’t played it in years, and I still suck at the darn thing. Whatevs. Good thing I had Jack and Gingers to drink!
Once the guys returned, we watched the Dick Clark New Years Eve special and had a couple of dance parties in between commercials (dancing in a onesie is epic). Then it was time to count down! 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, …….3, 2,1….HAPPY NEW YEAR! The evening was short, sweet and simple. Exactly what I needed.
New Years Day was a little slow going.  I guess that’s to be expected when you drink lots of bubbly and try to ski the next day. Brad and Ashely needed to get to the mountain early because they were trying to teach Adrian (who is 4 years old) how to ski. Unfortunately Mr. B woke up with the expected hangover and a nice cold to go with it.  Needless to say, he wasn’t moving very fast so we didn’t get to the mountain until noon.
I was annoyed with the pace of the morning but I think it worked out in our favor because the sun began to soften what little snow there was. Oh yes, there’s been zero snow in the last two weeks. It’s very depressing.
Mr. B and I skied a couple of runs, but it was like skiing on a sheet of ice. There were only a few good runs open, but not enough to spend a full day on the mountain. I was bummed. I am dying to ski deep powder in my new K2 Missbehaveds!
We took a few runs together just traveling around the mountain seeing what was open and then met the group at the top of Buckaroo Express to watch Adrian ski. He was freakin’ adorable. I wished I learned how to ski as a kid, they have no fear. Since Chance was getting cold, Listy and I strolled down to the village to grab a few appetizers and drinks while we waited for the rest of the group to finish.
If you are ever in Beaver Creek, go to the Blue Moose. They have a great happy hour of $3 draws and $3 slice of pizzas.
Since we knew we were going to eat dinner later, we ordered a beer and appetizers.
Calamari and fries (Yeah, the healthy resolution starts tomorrow).
We headed back to our place to watch the end of the Chiefs vs Broncos game. Poor Tim Tebow couldn’t pull out another victory.  CGM Question of the week:  Is it time for the Donkies to move on from Tebow?  Is half a season enough with a new QB?
With everyone snuggled in for the night, Listy and I decided to make dinner. While we were at the store, we were trying to think of something quick to make for a big group. Answer – Beef Tacos! Since Listy and I went to grocery, Mr. B made the tacos and AC whipped up the rotel. I love how our village works together.
I enjoyed my dinner in my onesie. Yes, I’m a five year old. Promise I’ll be back to normal on Tuesday.
This morning Listy and I lounged around while the guys went and skied the icy slopes of Beaver Creek again. We ended up heading back to Denver early to beat traffic, which worked out great because I was able to get a lot of stuff done before we get back to work tomorrow!
Alright, I am off to enjoy the last few hours of vacation.
Have a wonderful evening!
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