Hi friends!

It was another beautiful day in San Diego.

I can’t get over the fact that the weather is here is damn near perfect – seventy and sunny without a cloud in the sky. Even though I would love to live here 24/7, I would miss the seasons. You can’t beat the fall foliage in Colorado. Am I right? Right.

Anyways, the family reunion is off to a great start.

I probably should explain the family dynamics. Maybe in list form? No? Okay, really all you need to know is that my Grandmother Mary has a sister, Gloria, and every five years we get both sides of the families together. 10 years ago we had the reunion at Amelia Island. Five years ago we had the reunion at Playa Del Carmen and this year, San Diego. We have family from NY, CT, KC, Colorado, Florida, and Washington.

Since we don’t get to see everyone all the time, we decided the zoo was the perfect ice breaker to reconnect while monkeys fling their poo in a festive manner.

The whole family was bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning. First things first, coffee and a quick breakfast. I grabbed a banana with yogurt and granola. Simple and easy.

After our quick breakfast, Sarah, Mr. B, Megan, and I loaded into a cab. My cousin Megan is the youngest in our giant Wurth family and had never been in a cab. I completely forgot what that feels like to enter a smelly cab for the first time. My first cab ride was in Chicago and I distinctly remember the cab smelling like dead animal. Anyways, Megan was a good sport and laughed the entire cab ride to the zoo.

San Diego zoo is gorgeous. Did you know the zoo only sits on 125 acres of land? And….they are the only zoo with all the animal exhibits outside? Well, expect for the reptiles.

Once we grabbed our tickets, the kids split into one group, while the adults spilt into another. First stop on the zoo tour, the monkeys. I could stare at these guys all day, they are flipping hysterical.

Next, the hippos! I love hippos. They are hands down my absolute favorite. Small tail and ears, and big ol’ belly. I just want to give them a BIG hug!

The pandas followed. Eh, they were kind of lame because you couldn’t even see them through the sea of people. Plus, they were sleeping.

We saw the elephants. For a second we thought one of the elephants was dancing…yeah, turns out she was scratching her butt on one of the other elephants!

I forget about these guys! They totally remind me of the little monkeys from the movie Madagascar who sing…”I like to move it move it.”

We finished up the day with the giraffes and rinos.

The San Diego zoo was the perfect way to start this reunion. I think everyone had a blast. After the zoo, my immediate family decided to grab some grub at the local Irish Pub down the street from the hotel.

Bloody +Sliders = perfect vacation lunch

Once lunch was over, we headed back to the hotel to relax before cocktail hour started. My feet were killing me after walking around all day in sandals. Probably not the smartest move.

Around 5:30pm everyone headed to La Fiesta for drinks and appetizers. We had a reserved room so both families could mingle and catch up.

There were buckets of beers, margaritas, steak tacos, chips and guacamole.

Everyone was in good spirits, including the two stars of this reunion, Gloria and Mary.

After dinner, the party continued to a piano bar. FYI….not a fan. In fact, Mr. B had never been to one on purpose. But we sucked it up for 16 minutes and then left. I just can’t handle the cheese factor.

Mr. B, my mom and I left to find a different location for a drink and ended up at the Gas Lamp Speak Easy. It was cool bar with a swanky vibe. We had one drink there and I decided I need something to eat so I ordered chicken nachos to go. Best decision ever.

Tomorrow we are headed to see the USS Midway ship.

See ya!