Happy {after} Christmas Day.
What did you do today? Shop? See a movie? Sleep?
I hardly slept a wink last night. My anticipation for our San Diego adventures kept me from experiencing a deep sleep. That and I didn’t want to miss our 8:45am departure.
We arrived at Wichita Mid-Continent airport about an hour before check in. There are perks to flying out of a small airport – hardly any lines at check in or TSA. After we were threw security, Mr. B and I grabbed a cup coffee and walked around the terminal before our flight left. 

I remember walking up and down each terminal when I was a little girl. The carpet, paint, and eateries have not changed since 1987. 

The flight to Denver was easy. Mr. B and I laughed that it felt weird to not leave the airport. I was surprised we didn’t walk to baggage claim!
Anyways, we were hungry and stopped to grab some breakfast at one of the cafes. I needed protein and an omelet with veggies sound like it would hit the spot. Plus, I needed real coffee.
Mission accomplished.
Our layover was only for an hour, and then we said goodbye to Denver.

Two hours later…..

Hello, San Diego!

Hello, palm trees!

Hello, beach! 

Since my parents weren’t getting into town until 3pm, and the rest of family wasn’t arriving until much later, we decided to head to the hotel to check in and relax.
We are staying at the Omni Hotel, which is right by Gas Lamp District. Mind you I have never been to San Diego so I am still learning my bearings.  

After a quick shower, blogging, we finally met up with my parents!

Hi Mom and Dad!

We decided to grab dinner and drinks at Lou and Mickey’s down the street. I was craving a glass of red wine and calamari.

We toasted to the week ahead.

For my entree I ordered the Asian BBQ shrimp. Whewwww bessie, it was spicy. Thank goodness there was bread to soak up that chile sauce.

After dinner we walked back to the hotel, and met up with the rest of family that had finally arrived.

Love me some Wurth Women!

Tomorrow the whole family heads to the zoo.

Have a fantastic evening.