Did Santa bring you lots of goodies and presents?
Did you stuff yourself with turkey, gravy and plum pudding?
Did you watch The Christmas Story over, and over again?
I don’t know about you, but for some reason I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that today was Christmas.  The weather was uncharacteristically warm. There were no last minute errands to Walgreens, and not a single cooking disaster. Everything was strangely simple.
My morning started out with a much-needed run around the neighbor. The cool, crisp air felt refreshing. I have always been a fan of running on major holiday mornings because the world is quiet and still. This run was chance for me to reflect and remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Once I arrived back from my run, Mr. B told me that I set off the house alarm when I left the house! Ooops! I felt like such a dork. Luckily the cops didn’t show up! Susie and Chuck were nice about the incident, but I could have crawled under the table and died.
I set aside my humiliation for a minute and dove into Christmas breakfast.
Egg casserole, fresh fruit, cinnamon rolls and COFFEE!
After breakfast, I quickly showered and got ready for the day because the rest of the Griswolds were arriving at noon, and Mr. B and I still had side dishes to prep. Once Jeff, Kelly, Gabe, Grayson, Evan, Andrea, Ella Rose, and Granny arrived they decided to open the kids gifts.
Can I just tell you that I would give anything to be kid again sometimes? Opening stockings and presents, and getting to play with all of your new toys was the best feeling in the world. Christmas is magical when you’re a kid.
Gabe, Grayson and Ella Rose scored some serious goods. Gabe received a skateboard, a signed football from Collin Klein, and a weather receiver (Dad, do remember when you got this for Mr. B?)
Grayson hit the jack pot with huge building blocks, trucks, and a signed football as well.
Ella Rose put all of our closets to shame. She received a huge bag full of play clothes – princess dresses, pearls, and shoes. I was super jealous!
After the kids opened their gifts, Mr. B and I finished prepping our vegetable sides.
We ended up making grilled artichokes, roasted broccolini, a fresh veggie salad, and a new concoction, roasted cauliflower with a tomato gastrique. It.was.all.delish.
I think everyone was starving by the time 2pm rolled around because dinner seemed to take about 15 minutes. Personally I don’t mess around when there’s mashed potatoes, gravy and soft, doughy rolls on the table. And what better way to wash down that carbo feast, then with pumpkin pie. Kelly is best baker. Her enthusiasm for sweets is infectious.

Since Mr. B has three brothers, and they are all married, we draw names between the siblings to see who buys for each other. It makes gift buying much easier! I had Jeff this year and got him a new K-State sweatshirt and t-shirt. There were some great gag gifts…Jesus candle and Jesus Band-Aids.
Sadly, Scott and Jessica couldn’t be with us this year so Mr. B couldn’t give Jessica her gift.  The funny thing, Scott and Jessica both drew our names! What are the chances?! Scott and Jessica did inform us that there should be something waiting on our front door when we get back.  Hmmm….I wonder what it could be?
Once we were done with the sibling exchange, Mr. B and I had to dash to the Greyhound Bus transportation center downtown to pick up my brother and Kitty. It’s a long story, but they had to get from KC to Wichita because they are flying out with grandparents tomorrow to San Diego.
Anyways, we dropped them off at Kitty’s parents house and headed back to the Griswolds for the finale of presents.
What a day.
We finished the evening by eating turkey sandwiches and sipping wine while cheering on the K-State Men’s basketball team. They won the Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic tournament. Booyah!
I hope you had a very merry Christmas!
Our flight to San Diego is early. Can’t wait to see the beach!