Can you believe it?

Santa will be here tomorrow!
Were you a good boy or girl this year?
I like to think I was an angel this year, and hope Santa will bring me an official Red Ryder carbine action; two hundred shot range model air riffle! Too much? How about something sparkly? Yeah, that sounds better.
Mr. B and I slept in this morning. If I could get 10 hours of sleep a night my life would seem way less complicated, but that’s probably just wishful thinking.
Anyways, Susie asked Mr. B and I to come up with a couple of vegetable side dishes for the big feast tomorrow so we brainstormed over breakfast. I was thinking of an assortment of roasted vegetables and salad. Have any good ideas?
Once we had our grocery list in hand, Chuck, Mr. B and I dashed to the grocery to pick up the final items. The grocery store was effing bananas! I was in an isle looking for horseradish when a lady pushing a cart cornered me and told me to get out the way. Um, what? I completely understand that sometimes you have to pick up last minute items, but that doesn’t give you the right to be a butt face. Excuse me psycho lady, but your behavior was highly unnecessary. What is wrong with people? There’s no reason to get fired up while shopping for food. Geesh.
We made it out alive. Barely. But the craziness didn’t end there! We picked up Susie and headed over to the mall. Mr. B had to finish a little Christmas shopping and we wanted to stare at all the crazies.
After about 30 minutes of watching people, Mr. B and I came to a realization that it was no longer funny, but just sad. There were rude people everywhere and no one seemed to care. What happen to the spirit of Christmas?
Anyways, we left the mall and headed back home. I helped Susie put the final touches on the Christmas Day table. She is very creative when it comes to this stuff.
Before we headed to mass we dove into some pre-Christmas eve snacks. Chuck and Susie received a huge Harry and David’s gift basket from the Lipes full of all sorts of delicious treats.
We snacked on crackers, white cheddar cheese, peppered salami and tomato relish. 
Mass was a little different this year. If you’re a Catholic, did you know that they changed the mass? Oh yes. It’s weird. I’m sure I will get used to it, but it still freaked me out!
After mass, we headed home to work on the Shrimp Creole. I look forward to this meal every year. I don’t know how Susie does it, but this dish is finger lickin’ good.  
Chuck took the tails off, while Susie cooked the rice. Mr. B worked on the tomato gastrique for tomorrows Christmas dinner. And I, yeah, I provided moral support:)

Then it was time eat!

Christmas Eve is one of the most magical times of the year. I have much to be thankful for this year, and 99% of those adventures I couldn’t have done without family, friends, and Mr. B.
Merry Christmas.