Today was funky.

Don’t know why. It could be the weather. Yeah, let’s go with the weather.

All day long I thought our kickball game was going to be canceled. The weather man said there was a 70-80% chance of heavy rain in the afternoon. Does this prediction not scream cancellation?

I waited and waited, but nothing. Not a single drop from the time I got off work to the start of our game. Needless to say, all of that fretting zapped my energy. Not to mention after this mornings run my back started to spasm. What, am I ninety? Geesh.

Tonight’s game was the beginning of playoffs.

I am always sad when playoffs start because that means kickball will soon be over. Tear. We played Kamanawanalaya (really. that’s your name?) and they’re kicking skills were off the charts.

We were the home team, which later worked out in our favor but that first inning was rough. I think the whole team was in a little bit of a funk. Damn you weather!

Usually our defensive is amazing, but we could not get three outs if our lives depended on it. Then to make maters worse, a guy from the other team kicked a grand slam. Major blow to our egos.

We eventually settled down and got the three outs. They were only ahead of us by five runs, but it felt like twenty.

derek jeter kicker
stud muffins vs kamanawanalaya
But don’t feel too sorry for us yet. We knew that the only way to come back was to put on our big girl panties and start kicking the ball. And that’s what we did. We only answered with two runs, but for us, it was major victory.
go mr. york!
stud muffins vs kamanawanalaya
The second inning they scored another run, making it 6-2. Our defensive once again was not working and they were kicking the ball out of the park. I swear their balls were flying by at a Mach 10 speed.
we need big boots!
We managed to hold them for the next two innings, while we brought out the big boots and scored four runs tying the game.  We were finally awake and looking for blood.
i will cut you.
stud muffins vs kamanawanalaya
The fifth and sixth inning were insane. They would kick and have people on base, but didn’t score and the same for us. It was a true battle.
The top of the seventh inning, they kicked and scored again making them ahead by one. No pressure. We had to score to keep the game going. Thanks to Max and his crafty base running skills, he was able to score. Whew.
We needed some serious defensive going into the eighth inning. The first two outs came quickly, but that last one took a bit. They managed to score a run before we made the final out, which gave them the lead.
Bottom of the eighth. One run will tie. Two will bring victory. I swear it was like a scene from a movie. We were ready for the greatest battle of the kickball season. First kicker, out. Second kicker, made it to second. Third kicker, out. Fourth, kicker made it to first.
Two out rally. Here comes our big guy Jerad. With two kickers on, all we need is a hail Mary. I kid you not the whole team was on pins and needles. The pitcher slowly rolled the ball and then Jerad with one single leg motion punted that ball out the park. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Home run.
Final Score: Muffin’s- 9 Kamanawanalaya – 7
We live to fight another day.
After our close victory we headed to Moe’s to celebrate. My God parents were in Colorado on vacation and stopped by our game before they left town. I am pretty sure their blessing might have helped us win.
i heart you moe’s.
the usual: kid’s pork sandwich
Mark and Ann are the coolest God parents ever. We chatted up a storm over a couple of pints. They told me they were big fans of CGM. Ha! I told them that I was glad someone actually read about our crazy shenanigans.
ann, your’s truly, mark
stud muffins vs kamanawanalaya
Now when I say that my God parents are the coolest, I am not joking. Their last name is Fox so for their wedding anniversary they got matching tattoos with a quote around a picture of a fox that says, “Always, All Days.” Brilliant. I hope Mr. B and I are happy like they are thirty years from now.
stud muffins vs kamanawanalaya
Thanks Mark and Ann for stopping by it was great to see both of you!
Alright, I am out of here.
Have a great night!
Conclusion: The showdown between “Stud Muffins vs Kamanawanalaya” unfolds with hilarity and unexpected twists, leaving audiences in stitches as these comedic adversaries vie for supremacy.