Yesterday, the email’s began.

This is a typical pattern of behavior for our Denver village. One person informs the team of his absence at kickball for the next two weeks, followed by another’s response of, what time is the next game? Then there’s the occasional, are we going to the mountains this weekend, and can someone please be creative and help me name my boat?

All of these emails make me smile because before I know it, I have seventy-five emails in my inbox from all of my fantastic friends! It’s honestly what gets me through the week.

Take a look…

Mr. B: “I’m out this week and next.”

AC: “I really need one person to ride with me Friday to pick up the boat. Free trip to KS! Anyone want to  accompany me? I can explain details if interested. We just need to pick up the boat and can even do a race on the big sailboat if interested.”

Mr. B: “I’m out for that as well. Won’t be home for a while.”

Mrs. Eakin: “Mr. Yorkie what time is the game tom? There’s a (good?) chance a representative from the Eakin clan (maybe even all 3!) will be there!”

Mr. Ronchetti: “I will not be attending tomorrow.”

Mrs. York: “We play at 6 on field 1.”

Ms. Savage: “Oh this isn’t good, don’t hate me. I’m out this week and next week too. I will send payment with Mrs. Lehman and I can find a girl to play too. I think we are good on gals, it looks like we might need some men?!”

Mrs. York: “I will not be able to play tonight either…sorry. Messed up my back pretty bad shoveling dirt all weekend! If I get out of work early…. may be a late night, I can be the babysitter so everyone else can play.”

AC: “Do we need a girl. Jill can play…and she’s good. I think we can win with just me, Max, Kevin, Danny Laura, Lauren?, Listy, and Jill??? Team of 8? We can do that. Alright now for the important stuff….I NEED A BOAT NAME!”

Me: “Don’t forget about Matt and Elizabeth…”

AC: “Perfect, we have 10.”

Mrs. Eakin: “What color are we wearing??”

Mrs. York: “Navy blue or Stud Muffin shirt.”

Mrs. Eakin: “Thanks.”

AC: “We switched to bikini tops actually…”

Mrs. Lehman: “Who’s bringing beer??

Tonight we played KP Cosmic Lightning Show. I checked last weeks score’s and it looked like they got stomped, 16-3. Ouch. I was a little nervous about tonight’s game (okay, I am nervous before every game) given that we were down a couple of players. But, as they say, the show must go on!

Thank goodness AC asked Jill if she could play because we barley had enough girls. Lucky for us, the game flew by! 
We ended up run ruling them and wining by twenty, I think? 
I am just going to throw this out there, but maybe tie-dyed shirts are bad ju-ju especially one’s that have frilly things….just sayin.
Afterwards we hit up Moe’s because I needed this…
and this…
We didn’t stay out to late given that our game was at 6pm. I arrived home just before sunset. 
I love summer.