Howdy friends!

How was your Tuesday? 
I woke up this morning with a sore tookus. Body pump gets me every single time. I am beginning to think that no matter what kind of shape I am in physically, body pump will always kick my butt. I guess it’s a good thing. Even Superwoman was looking a little rough in class last night. 
Can you believe Memorial Weekend is in t-minus three days? Do wha?
Last year at this time the whole Denver village was heading to L.A. to visit Justin and Lindsey for the weekend. Man, that was such a fun trip! 
We went on a hike in Malibu, laid on the beach in Laguna, and ate amazing food! Sadly, this year we won’t be heading to the beach. Sigh. More than likely we will escape to the mountains to do a little fly fishing, camping (read: car camping), and hiking….so I really can’t complain. What are you up to this weekend?  
Other than dealing with sore butt cheeks, my day was pretty average. Work is starting to settle down because all of our clients are gearing up for their summer vacations. The finance world runs on the same schedule as our education system. I remember when I worked in downtown Chicago at the Board of Trade between Christmas and New Years, it was so dead, we would play putt-putt golf inside to keep ourselves entertained. Ahhh….those were the good ol’ days.

Thankfully run club was tonight because it was effing 90 degrees when I left the office this afternoon. I generally run right after work, but when it’s this hot, I always refer to the words of my wise clown friend from In Living Color, “Homey don’t play that!”  

Listy and I ran together tonight. It’s hard to believe our training for the Chicago Marathon begins in two weeks! Major crazy-town. Even though my legs and hamstrings weren’t feeling a 100%, we still managed to knock out a 5k in no time. Running friends are the best when you lack motivation. Thanks, Listy!

Once we were done running, we grabbed a beer with the rest of the village. I swear nothing cures the heat blues like a cold tasty beer.

After run club, we headed home to heat up dinner. I am obsessed with Whole Foods burrito bowls. Did you know they have turkey chorzio? I know! AH-mazing.

In the mix:
– brown rice
– black beans
– turkey chorizo
– lettuce
– cheese
– guacamole
– and more of Mr.B’s homemade pico de gallo!

{picture taken before run club}

Now I’m off to watch the season finale of #HowIMetYourMother! I can’t believe Marshall and Lily are having a baby.

See ya friends!