Tonight, K-State and KU play each other in football at Lawrence. The Governor’s Cup has been a long tradition in Kansas sports history, dating back to 1902. It is the fourth longest uninterrupted series in college football history. I love tradition.

With that said, many households in the state of Kansas become VERY divided on this particular day, and my family is no exception. Let me give you a little back round. I actually didn’t grow up a K-State fan…easy K-State lovers. I was born into a  KU loving, everything crimson blue, Rock-Chalk Jayhawk family.  My parents went to KU, my older brother John went to KU, and my little brother Jordan just graduated a year ago from KU. Get the picture? As a kid, I loved everything about Lawrence, Allen Field House, Mass street, etc. I even went to KU for a YEAR!

But one friendly visit to Kansas State University during my freshman year of college, and suddenly everything changed. It was like another world existed. I wanted to wear Bill Snyder purple, drink in Aggieville and sing the K-State alma mater. And so, I made the leap into Wildcat country my sophomore year and have been bleeding purple ever since.

So, tonight I wanted to make things a little more interesting for the Grier/Wurth family. My father and I have wagered a little bet. Which ever team wins, the loser has to buy the winner a t-shirt of their alma mater. Don’t you just love it!

Who do you think will win? TEAM CAT or TEAM HAWK…

Let kick off begin!