Helloooooo November!

Fancy meetin’ you here.

How did you get here so fast?

Did you do the time warp again? That Rocky sure is tricky. I blame the gold underwear.

Speaking of gold, does that mean it’s officially the “holiday” season?

If yes, then do I get to shop until I drop, eat large turkey legs, wrap Christmas presents, and kiss Mr. B under a mistletoe?

Do say yes.

To the turkey legs.

And the kiss.

Even though the holiday season is now upon us, I am sad to say goodbye to October.

(cue October you will be missed reel…)

I will miss Sunday drives through the fall foliage.

I will miss going for a hike.

I will miss the anticipation of making the first batch of chili of the year.

I will miss the excitement of dressing up for Halloween.

And I will miss jogging through huge piles of leaves.

But with anything, the show must go on! November, I now welcome you with open arms.

This year I wanted to do something a little different. I have a terrible habit of always looking at certain aspects of my life with a negative eye. I am not kidding when I say, I can seriously throw the biggest pity party you have ever seen (totes true). Instead of whining, complaining, and being a complete curmudgeon about things in my life, I have decided to start a thankful challenge. After all, isn’t November the thankful month?

The best part of this challenge is that you can be thankful for anything! You could be thankful for your spouse, Pinterest, a printer that works, or for a toilet you didn’t have to clean. What do you say? Wanna’ join the fun?

And with that, let the thankful challenge begin!

Day 1: Today, I am thankful for my eardrum. For the last week, the static sound in my ear has subsided. Whew. I don’t know if it’s because the doctor cleaned my ears out or what, but not having that constant crackling sound in my ear is a dream come true! I’m giving my eardrum a high-five today!

Alright, what are you thankful for today?