My apologies for not posting sooner, but Mr. B and I didn’t arrive home until late last night. We took the 8pm flight out of Wichita because Mr. United wanted us to pay $500 each in order to take the 5pm flight back to Denver.

Do wha?

Hell-to-the-no. Even though that is super annoying and ridiculous, it actually worked out in our favor because we got to spend more time with Chuck and Susie.

Love my in-laws.

Anyways, we had a fantastic weekend back in the Little Apple. I think the best way to explain our little adventure to Manhappiness is in three categories:

1. Food

2. Football

3. Family

These may be my top favorite “F” words. I would use my other favorite, but I try to keep this blog PG-13 rated.

Okay, on with the recap.

First up, Food.

Holy bananas. This weekend I was all sorts of naughty. From the time we landed, until our flight took off last night, I ate my body weight in food. And it was F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C.

It all started on Friday night when Chuck, Susie, Mr. B and I arrived in Manhattan and had dinner at Harry’s.

If you have not been to Harry’s, GO. No really. Get in your car right now, or book a flight because this restaurant is off the charts. From the atmosphere to customer service to the food, it’s all amazing.

I give it my JAZZ hands approval.

I started with a glass of red wine and we all shared some appetizers: Bruschetta, Chrorizo Stuffed Dates (absolutely major), Shrimp and Crab Chile Relleno. For my entree, I had the Arctic Char stuffed with Crab (outrageous!). 
Saturday was game day so the tailgate was full of delicious food:  Prime rib sandwiches, Mac and Cheese, and Brownies…plus, beer. How did I not slip into a food coma? Geesh. 
After the game we headed back to Harry’s for dinner. 
This time we had Ashley and Josh join Chuck, Susie, Mr. B and I for dinner. They live in Wichita and were up for the game. 
I started with a dirty martini with blue cheese stuffed olives. Hello, heaven. Probably my favorite drink. We shared the same appetizers as on Friday night, but threw in the Pork Belly and Eggs as well. I think this is the point were my eyes glazed over. 
I had the Kobe Flat Iron Steak as my entree. It was perfectly cooked, and so juicy. Bravo! (Please excuse my dark photos!)
On Sunday, Mr. B and I both woke up and asked ourselves, what happened? I am pretty sure we had a food hangover. I figured the only way “to move” all that food was to drink coffee. Hey, don’t laugh. I was dying.
I hit up Radina’s for some coffee to go because we weren’t having brunch until later. In all honesty, it felt good to actually work up an appetite. 
Around noon we headed to CoCo Bolo’s to meet Ella and Andrea for brunch. I hadn’t been to Bolo’s in forever (funny story, Mr. B used to work as a cook there). Anybody remember Sangria Wednesdays? 
I ordered the mingas, but only ate about a 1/4 of it because my stomach had hit the limit.
And that concludes the food portion of our trip. I want you to know that all I have eaten today is a piece of lettuce. Amen.  
Next, we have Football. 
Can you believe K-State is 5-0? God it feels good to have a wining team again. 
The weather for game day was atrocious. Rain, rain, and more rain. One minute it would sprinkle, then pour and then sprinkle again. 
But that didn’t stop us from tailgating! 

Or stop Weird Robert from walking around and talking crazy. 
It was Harley Day at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. I forgot we actually were at Harley Day last year. My how time flies! (And I just realized, I wore the same shirt last year. Um, major fashion fail).

Even though it rained pretty much the entire game, it didn’t keep me from watching. I told Mr. B that all you have to do to stay dry is double bag. He laughed. Aren’t these parkas ridiculous? 
I thought the Cats played well, except for the fourth quarter when Mizzou almost came back and won. Good thing Bill knows what he is doing! Congrats to the Kitties! 
The final, and most important part of this trip was seeing Family. 
Even though the whole Griswold family wasn’t in Manhattan this weekend, Mr. B and I did have a fun time hanging out with Chuck, Susie, Andrea, Evan and Ella.
Ella Rose is getting so big. I can’t believe she is two and a half! She was an absolute rockstar during the game and at brunch on Sunday. She is so freaking adorable! Love.
And that’s a wrap!
Our trip to the Little Apple was short, but sweet. Mr. B and I had a great time and are looking forward to visiting again to watch some Frank Martin basketball. 
P.S. On Friday, CGM was on Bon Appetit. Check out this link!