Do I dare tell you that the last haircut I received was back in December before we went to NYC for Christmas?

Holy bat balls Lauren is probably what you are thinking. Trust me, I was thinking the same thing. When I told Mr. B last night I was getting my hair done he didn’t hesitate by replying, “Gee babe, you are looking a little rough.” Just kidding, he didn’t say that but seriously I have been looking really ragged lately.

Oh, the horror!

It’s a good thing that the salon we go to is exactly 67 steps from our front door. Probably one of the few perks living in a downtown loft will bring you.

The salon is called Grand Salon. The girls are super sweet and do a great job! When I dislocated my shoulder and couldn’t take a full shower, I would walk down to the salon and get my hair washed and styled. They were so nice and gave me half off for having a broken wing.

Okay, check it out.

BEFORE:  Hello…skanky roots! (This picture really doesn’t do it justice.)

AFTER: Non-skanky roots.

I seriously feel so much better!

Off to celebrate with a glass of red wine. Thank God tomorrow is Friday!