15 amazing and useful gifts for baby & kids. Books, clothing, and toys. This guide is chock-full of stuff that is not only helpful when raising a child, but fun too!

After three years of parenthood under my belt, I can safely say that this guide is my go-to for either first-time parents, grandparents, or any caretaker. All of these gifts are useful, fun, and don’t break the bank!

Take a peek around because there is a lot of great stuff!

2022 Holiday Gift Guide: For Baby & Kids www.thecuriousplate.com
  1. My First Shaving Kit: Self-care maintenance starts early with this handy life-like grooming kit!
  2. Wooden Barn: Create a healthy imagination with this super cute on-the-go wood barn kit.
  3. Cash Register: Is it wrong that I still play with this? Great toy that will be used at all ages.
  4. Build-a-Bouquet: Enjoy a garden all year round with this cute garden playset.
  5. Puppet Theater: Create magical plays with this puppet theater stage with curtain.
  6. Air Fort: Or should I say, “built in sitter?! This air fort will keep your kiddos busy for hours!
  7. Animal Town: Keep stuffed animal hoarding at bay with this cute on the go animal town case!
  8. Kigsaw Puzzle: Learn about all the sea critters while putting together a cute puzzle!
  9. Peg Board: Great activity to work on those fine motor skills.
  10. Toy Piggy Bank: Toddler motivation for good behavior in the form of a piggy bank.
  11. Bears in Paris Game: Cute hide and seek matching game that’s perfect for the whole family.
  12. Duplo Lego Train: Great way to learn colors and numbers by using a train!
  13. Jumbo Puzzle- Map of the USA: Fun map to put together to learn about USA history.
  14. John Deer Tractor: Old school favorite that you can never go wrong with.
  15. Stay Curious Collection T-shirt or Onesie: Perfect slogan for a kid, “Stay Curious.”

***This post is not sponsored. I have purchased a few of these items myself! Also, a few of these links are affiliate! Thanks for supporting The Curious Plate!***