Ahhhh….I love the smell of victory.

I still can’t believe our Kitties won yesterday Since Baylor was ranked 15th, I was worried we wouldn’t play well. Thankfully I was wrong. Can’t wait to see Bill and the boys take on Mizzou next weekend!

Also, the word on the street is that game day could be in Manhattan next weekend? Hmm..we shall see.

Anyways, Mr. B and I both took a mild coma last night. We were both exhausted, and it was nice to cuddle since Mr. B leaves town tomorrow for a week! Not to worry, I will see him in Manhattan on Friday.

After we finished getting ready for the day, we hopped in the car and hit up SBUX for coffee and pumpkin scones. Jazz Hands.

Then we hit the road! We were meeting Listy, Max, Chance, and AC in Idaho Springs for a little four-wheel action.

While we waited on everyone, we strolled around downtown. There isn’t much to Idaho Springs, but I enjoy visiting these small mountain towns because they have tons of history. Mr. B read on a plaque that the city has been around since the 1890’s. I would not want to live here during that time. Could you imagine trolling through the mud in dresses, while taking care of eight kids and then trying to churn butter? No thank you!

We took in the sights.

And then grabbed a quick sandwich at Two Brother’s Deli. Their Reuben was fantastic.

Once we were done with lunch, we met up with everyone and then headed up the trail.

Mission: Bill Moore Lake

The weather was gorgeous. Partly cloudy with a cool, refreshing breeze…god I love fall.

Since we had never done this trail, AC went first because we wanted to make sure “The Shark” could handle the terrain. 
Mr. B and I followed behind to make sure everything went smooth. 
The trail was beautiful. The Aspen’s are just about done changing so that means here comes old man winter. It’s actually supposed to snow next weekend in the mountains. CRAZY!

Even though trail wasn’t to terrible, there were a couple of spots that needed a second opinion. 

After about two hours, we made it to the top!
The lake was so placid. It’s crazy to think that this snow never melted. Wouldn’t you hate to be up here during a blizzard? Yikes. 

Photo opportunity!
The Lehman’s 

The double AC
 The Griswold’s
After our photo shoot and victory drink, we headed back down. Since it was starting to get dark, Max thought it would be a good idea to take a short cut. 
Direct quote from Listy, “The rule is…just don’t listen to Max.”
And here’s why…
That shortcut almost caused Mr. B and AC to hit a “2 ton prehistoric mountain rock”(AC definitely nailed that description on the head). 
Luckily, we made it down the trail without any scraps or injuries. I can definitely tell you there was a moment were I puckered my puss. 
Once we were off the mountain safely, we headed back to Idaho Springs for dinner. Traffic back to Denver was atrocious so we stopped at the Tommyknocker Brewery for some grub.
Beer + Chili = Best Sunday dinner!
We finally hit the road around 8:30pm and I-70 was clear.
Poor Mr. B leaves tomorrow. 
Sad face.