How was your weekend?

I hope it was smashing.

This morning I kissed Mr. B goodbye at 4:45am because he had a 7am flight to catch to the armpit of America. I feel bad for my hubby because he has to visit some seriously rank places like southeast New Mexico or western Texas.

From time to time I get angry that God had to put oil and natural gas in the most hideous places, but then I realize he was smart because no one wants a huge compressor station or oil rig near a beautiful waterfall…but still. Can the hubby get a break?

Anyways, after he left I had a hard time getting back to sleep because around 6am I heard drilling. Yep, drilling. They are redoing an office space below our apartment because some new tenants are moving in. But who’s brilliant idea is it to drill a whole in a wall at 6am!? I MEAN REALLY!

I almost went Wayne Brady on them, but I was to tired and lazy. Darn you Monday morning!

Since I was slow as a tortoise getting ready this morning, my outfit for today is sadly uninspiring.

Pink Top: Express
Brown Vest: Banana Republic
Brown Pants: Express
Jewelry: The Limited
Brown Suede Pumps: Steve Madden

I have worn this outfit before and it’s okay. In all honesty, I think I should send this picture to UPS and let them know that this should be their new delivery outfit for women. It could fly.

After work, I stopped by Wash Park and ran. I took last week off to give my body and mind a break. But I was glad to be back.

Once I was done with my run, I picked up dinner at Whole Foods. I did not want to cook so I grabbed the next best thing, SUSHI!

Mmmmm…spicy salmon avocado roll. Get in my belly!

Now I am off to do God knows what!

It’s weird when the hubs leave, I feel like I have twelve thousand things to do, but who am I kidding. I am marching straight to the couch to watch white trash reality TV and like it.


P.S. I forgot to call you back Listy! Doh!