I was in a deep, dreamy sleep this morning when Mr. B kissed my forehead and whispered softly into my ear, “See you on Friday. I love you.”

{Even at 4am the man still knows how to melt my heart.} 
Mr. B is headed to New Mexico for work and won’t be back until the end of this week. I do hate when he leaves because I tend to not sleep well and find cooking for one a bit boring. However, I do manage to get a ton of stuff done when the husband is away. Why is that? 
Anyways, I am hoping to cross off a majority of my to-do list that specifically deals with reorganization/spring cleaning this week. I think if I stick to my rule of – “if it hasn’t been used or worn in a year, helloooo Goodwill”, I can make some serious progress. Also, can you believe that spring officially starts tomorrow? Whoa bessie. All I can say is bring on the Old Navy flip-flops, polka-dot sun dresses from Anthropologie, and fresh corn from the Farmers Market.
Okay, before I completely bore you with my excitement for spring, let me show what my friend Tina made for her daughter’s first birthday party yesterday. Hold on to your sweets seats folks, it’s cupcake madness. 
Tina is a BAMF when it comes to cooking and baking. In my opinion, she blows Maratha Stewart out of the water. So I was not surprised when I arrived at their home yesterday and saw this culinary explosion of homemade treats set up on the kitchen table. She made cherry, red velvet, strawberry, and oreo cupcakes. I can’t even describe how sinfully delicious each one of these bad boys were, but if I had to choose a favorite, I would pick strawberry fo’sure. 

If any of you want the recipes let me know. I’m pretty sure I can try and bribe Tina. Does anyone have a $20 I can borrow? 
Since this weekend was bananas, I figured the only way to get back on the right track was to hit the pavement. I stopped by the park and ran five miles at a pretty descent pace. This may sound dumb, but sometimes I forget that I am running the Chicago Marathon in October. Clearly I need to get my tookus in order because training starts in June and I’ve been slacking BIG time in terms of speed work. Does anyone have any good tips on how to speed up your pace without dying?!
Tonights dinner was all about detox.
Salmon, check.
Asparagus, check

Dandelion tea, check, check. 

I can feel the St. Paddy’s bloat drifting away. Ahhhhh……
Now, it’s list time. 
See ya!