This is probably a silly question, but I have to ask.
Have you ever switched sleeping sides with your significant other? Last Saturday as Mr. B and I were getting ready for bed, I thought it would be fun to swap sides (we’re real wild around the ol’ Grier household). Anyways, we haven’t been sleeping well the past couple of weeks, and I figured it couldn’t hurt to switch things up. 
Meh. We both slept well, but I did wake up in the middle of night and question where I was for a couple of seconds. For some reason I thought this would put an end to our restless sleep, but alas, it didn’t. Maybe we should get twin beds? Hey, it worked on How I Met Your Mother!
In other news, this morning I threw away the last remaining fake “plant” in our apartment. Praise Jesus. Apparently I thought fake, green plants were all the rage circa 2007. What.was.I.thinking? I am going to blame it on the fact I was a newlywed that didn’t have a job and needed to look like I was applying myself during the day by filling up our apartment with inconsequential items. Yeah…lets go with that.
The funny thing about this whole situation is that while putting all of these fake plants up in our apartment, I could hear my mothers ‘Jacob Marley’ voice in the back of my mind saying, “It’s bad Feng shui. It’s baaaaaad Feng shui” Dang it. Mom’s are always right. I knew I should have listened to her. She does after all have a green belt in decorating
Like I mentioned yesterday, run club was this evening. Last week was my first time attending one of these ‘clubs of run.’ I am not going to lie, I was little worried I would be running with a bunch of meatheads and barbie dolls. Well, as usual, I was wrong. Not only was the meet up point at the Denver Beer Company, but everyone was super normal and nice. Thankfully Megan ran with me so I didn’t feel completely out of place. 
The weather tonight was perfect for an evening run, seventy and sunny. I was still a little sore from yesterdays five mile excursion, but felt much better when I saw this lady!
My running partner in crime, Listy! 
Our 5K run seemed to last a whole three seconds because we chatted the entire time. There’s a lot going on right now and I am just trying to wrap my head around everything. Thank goodness for friends! 
And that’s a wrap on this Tuesday, folks. 
See you later! 

Question(s) of the day:

Would you ever swap sleeping sides with your significant other? 

Yay or nay on fake plants?