Well, apparently I needed sleep, and lots of it.

I had high hopes of getting up this morning and knocking out three miles, but that was the last thing my body wanted to do. I set my alarm for 7:30am, but as soon as it went off, I turned it off and fell back asleep with dreams of sugar plums dancing in my head.

I am pretty sure that my back needed more time to recover. Sigh. Waiting to heal from an injury (are back spasms even an injury?) is the most annoying thing in the world. Errr.

Instead of running, the next best thing to get your endorphins moving is to walk to get breakfast. I strolled down the street to The Market to grab us some egg bagel sandwiches and coffee.

The Market is kind of on my turd list. They were super busy and understaffed. Huge pet peeve of mine. But the one thing that really got my blood boiling….no sleeves for the coffee. Do wha? I had to walk back to our apartment playing hot potato with two large coffees and a bag of sandwiches. 
Not my happy place. 
As of 10am this morning, The Market is in on official time out. 
Okay, enough with that drama. Let’s get to the fun stuff. 
Boulder Ironman baby!
1.2 mile swim +56 mile bike + 13.1 mile run = crazy/awesomeness! 
No, yours truly did not participate. I haven’t drank that koolaid yet. 
Mr. B, Listy, Chance and I were spectators. Max and Nick were the BAMF’s taking on this challenge. Can you imagine starting at 7:45am and finishing the race five and a half hours later at ninety degrees? Somehow in the back of my mind that sounds fun, but just not today. 
We arrived at Boulder Reservoir around noon. The traffic was insane, and as we were trying to park people were still on the bike course! OMG. I would have died. 

bike transition. 
swim area. 

running area. 

that’s a lot of bikes. 

finish line. 
Listy, Chance, Mr. B and I strolled around the tents waiting for Nick and Max to finish. They had some pretty cool stuff. Listy and I were very excited about these Newton running shoes. Hello, neon! 
mini city. 
forest gump, eat your heart out. 

The three best spectators…


mr. b. 

me and listy. 
I think we waited around for about thirty minutes and then we saw…
are we there yet?

kicking ass and taking names

see ya in a sec. 

We were all so proud of them for finishing! Good job dudes! 
After they finished a quick photo shoot was in order, along with a dip in the water. It was hot and windy.
max and nick. 
max. nick. seth. 
free showers. 
We all decided to head back to Denver for celebratory food, and also, Mr. B and I had to pick up our road bikes! 
I have serious jazz hands about our bikes. And yes, I will take it off some sweet jumps. =)
Jax’s was the place for victory. Apparently, they have a great happy hour. I seriously think Mr. B and I live under a rock. This happy hour was flipping fantastic and right down the street from us. We can be some serious hermits sometimes. 
Cocktail, yes please! Mr. B and I arrived a little late, so Listy recommended the cucumber-vodka-lemon drink. Huge fan. Delish.
$5 dolla make you holla! 
We shared a bunch of appetizers all of which were $5 or less. I think I found my new happy place!
My favorite was the calamari and avocado gazpacho. Heaven. 
After our early dinner, Mr. B and I were spent. Standing in the heat all day was exhausting, I seriously have no idea how these guy’s finished the race.
True Blood is calling our name. 
Then sleep. 
Sleep, sleep, sleep.
Have a great night!