How are ya?

I hope your Monday wasn’t too hectic.

This morning was my first attempt back at running since last week’s “injury.” I was a little nervous. I wasn’t  quite sure how my body would react so I decided to approach this run with a level head by working on my form and if something started to hurt then I would just stop.

Pretty simple.

The first mile and a half was slow, but I didn’t care. It felt fantastic to move and to feel those endorphins working. I stopped and stretched at the halfway point just to make sure I wasn’t making things worse. After my faux doctor diagnosis, all systems were a go!

I finished the last mile and half with a slight smirk. Even though I am still not a 100%, it felt great to move and get my day started on the right foot. Right? Right.

Okay, on to the good stuff.

First up, today’s outfit.

Today’s outfit is brought to you by Mr. Market. Holy bat balls! What the heck happened today? Geesh. The Dow Industrial Average fell 634 points! OMG. Brace yourself folks, things could get a little bumpy.

why am i sticking my chest out?

In case of an emergency, the exit’s are here.


And here. 

I actually tried to mimic the hand gestures, but trying to do that with one hand is pretty hard. Plus, I thought someone was coming into the bathroom. I will do better next time:)

oh @#%*!

Other then the crazy market and it’s red line of death, I did manage to find some positive highlights in my work day.

1. ) Books! While on our run/jog on Saturday, Listy was telling me about this book called, The Secret Language of Birthdays: Personalogy Profiles for Each Day of the Year, written by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers (what kind of a name is Joost?). Her co-worker brought the book into work and thought it would be fun to look up everyone birthday profiles. Well, Listy emailed me my quick profile today.

Let me know what you think (February 25th):

     “You were born on the “Day of the Higher Cause.” You want to devote yourself to something bigger then yourself. My strengths are being faithful, devotional, and giving.” 

2.) Cookies! My co-worker Brian just got back from France last Thursday and brought back some cookies from Bordeaux. Sadly, he forgot the wine, but the cookies were a huge hit!

mmm….buttery goodness.
spice it up
Once home, I blogged, chores, blah, blah, blah…..ya know the same ol’ stuff you do every Monday.
Dinner tonight was a twist on an old favorite, pork tacos. Well, instead of the usual tortilla, I decided to spice things up and make it a salad. Crazy, right? Things can get real wild around here sometimes.
Pork Taco Salad
Pork Mix:
– 1 pound pork cubes
– Cumin
– Coriander
– Chili Powder
– Paprika
– Garlic Powder
– Olive Oil
– Salt and Pepper
spice it up
Salad assembly (just in case pictures don’t explain. hehe.):
– Eden Valley Organic Blue Chips
– Romaine Lettuce, shredded
– Red peppers and onions
– Pork cubes
– Tomatoes
– Sour cream
– Jalapenos
– Mango salsa!
spice it up
You know the drill. Saute up the pork, peppers and onions. Once cooked, assemble the salad and top with your favorite ingredients! I served the salad with black refried beans topped with mango salsa alongside. Es bueno!
spice it up
Serve with a lime mocktail.
(quick side note: mr. b took a sip of this guy, looked at me and said, “there’s no booze?”. love this guy).
spice it up
Off to snuggle on the couch and watch Going The Distance.
Anyone seen this?
Alright, see ya!
Conclusion: Spice it up with these tantalizing recipes, ensuring each meal is a culinary adventure filled with bold and delicious flavors that will delight your taste buds.