This morning, I woke up with a sore throat. Great. Not suprised given the epic events from the previous weekend.

In all seriousness, I don’t have time to be sick. So, I whipped out the ol’ Zicam and hosed my mouth down with the magical cold remedy. If you have never used Zicam, use it. I am not a drug pusher like Ms. Norbury, but this stuff works.

Anyways, I arrived at work today feeling achy and jittery. I probably didn’t help my situation any with the eight cups of coffee from Starbucks that I downed this morning, but I was dragging some serious balls. When I opened the door to our office I immediately noticed gifts under our Charlie Brown looking Christmas tree.

Hmmmm….what could it be?

Wait a minute….Is that, beer?

By golly it is!

Brian, one of my co-worker’s who is also a graduate from K-State brought Mark and me a little Christmas treat. He had recently visited a local brewery in Boulder, called Twisted Pine. He happened to sample a slu of flights and thought we needed to share in his new found love. Brilliant.

Variety pack of local beer  + new ski shirt = Best Gift EVER.

*(This picture was taken at home, not work.)

The best part, his daughter-in-law works for Michael Kors, so he suprised me with a little something extra.

Is this not the cutest hand clutch? Love it.

K-State people are just the best!

By the way, my throat is definitely feeling much better:)