Um, is it just me, or did this week fly by?

Just checking. I seem to have no grasp on time these days. Everything feels like one giant blur. 
The good news, I think everything will be back in working order after a weekend in the mountains skiing with the Denver village. Oh, and Daylight Savings Time of course. I am a HUGE fan of springing forward because that means more light! 
Okay, let’s be real for a moment. Besides more light in the evenings, I’m really just excited for summer. Even though I enjoy winter, you can’t beat marinating by the pool, outdoor farmers markets, and backyard barbecues. Am I right? Right. 
Well, and speaking of summer, my clever and talented mother gave me this handmade tray for my birthday. She found a 1940’s map of Denver and had it custom fitted with glass on top. Not only is it completely genius, but the tray spins! Hello, entertaining!
The only question is, what should I put on top of it? Glasses? Booze? Appetizers? Heck, all three? Right now I have booze displayed on it. Maybe I should use it as a centerpiece on the kitchen table? Geesh. Decisions are the worst!
And we’re walking……
I was a complete bonehead today and forgot to wear anything purple (there’s that time blur thing acting up again)! 
Ruffle top: Banana Republic
Black pants: Express
Black belt: Ralph Lauren
Pearl bracelet: Dillards
Black flats: Gianni Bini

Today was the start of the Big 12 men’s basketball tournament. The Cat’s took on the Baylor Bears early this morning and since I couldn’t watch the game on TV, I tracked the game via Twitter. 
I would love to tell you that our Cat’s beat those bears, but sadly, that was not the case. They lost 82-74. Bummer. I just hope we make it to the big dance. If not, I will cry. 

After work I decided to mix things up and go for a walk/run around our place. Shocking, I know. I haven’t ran around Sports Authority Field since this fall with Mr. B. We usually run this route together because it’s a little creeptown (read: bum crazy city). I figured since the sun was still out and I had my phone, bum attacks would at a low.

Anyways, I ended up having a great workout.

– walked a mile
– ran around the stadium once
– ran around the stadium again and did stairs
– ran 3 miles

Total non-bored workout time: 1 hour

Dinner tonight is grilling as we speak ~ Turkey Burgers with Roasted Cauliflower on the side. 
Mmmmmm… hungry. 
Have a smashing evening friends!