After a week of hacking up a lung, feeling achy all over, and dealing with a constant runny nose, I have finally shakin’ this darn chest cold. Alleluia! I woke up this morning cough free and feeling much more in order.
I don’t know about you, but being off my game for a week really threw me through a loop. Not being able to attack every task at 100% drives me bananas. And why is it that when you’re sick everyone needs something done right.this.second? Riddle me that Batman.
Anyways, it’s good to be back.
Besides feeling better, can you believe this spring like weather? When we left Phoenix on Sunday it was 80 degrees. Do wha?!! I would have happily stayed and marinated by the pool because in the back of my mind, I figured it was dumping snow in Denver and I wanted no part of it. But apparently I brought back some of that warm rays of sunshine because it has been seventy and sunny here the past two days.
And you know what sunny, warm days mean….
Long runs in the park!
I can’t wait for spring running because then I can officially ditch my hat, gloves and long pants.
After my run, I quickly headed back home to change because I wanted to stop by Stoney’s Bar and Grill to see Listy. She was there for a networking event for Family Tree.
I only had time for a quick beer, but glad I went because I miss the Denver village. Can’t wait to ski with everyone this weekend!
Once happy hour concluded, I dashed home to pick up Mr. B because we had dinner plans with Matt and Elizabeth at Beatrice & Woodsley. This is another restaurant I have been dying to go to. The restaurant is located on south Broadway, which in Denver is considered the “grittier” part of town. It reminds me a lot of downtown Chicago with clothing boutiques, bookstores, and hipster restaurants in historic buildings.

Beatrice and Woodsley is located in one of those historic buildings. I think the only way to describe the ascetic feel of this restaurant is – Nottingham Forest meets NY Chic. There were a million details. From wood tables to Aspen trees to hanging lanterns to chainsaws above the bar, it was definitely a designers dream and very chic.

As we waited for our table, we decided to grab a couple of cocktails at the bar. Mr. B and I both were craving a glass of Malbec. I love how they put a tag around your bottle so you can remember what kind of wine you ordered – more details!
The bar was just brilliant I tell ya. See the chainsaws? All of the booze sat on these wood planks and the chainsaws were stationed to look like they were cutting into it. Pretty sa-weet.
Oh, and I can’t forget about the wine holder. Where are my manners? If you’re a BIG wine drinker and have a variety of bottles open all the time, this is the wine holder for you. Basically it’s a kegerator, but for wine. Genius, right? You pick which wine you want to drink, press down on the nozzle, and in seconds you have fresh tasting wine. Mom, if you’re reading this post, I would like one of these bad boys for Christmas. Amen.
Since it was still Denver Restaurant Week there was a set $52.80 menu. Get it? 5280…Mile High City.
We started with the crawfish beignet. OH-EM-GEE. Wow. If you’ve never had a beignet, it’s basically a fried doughnut with confectioner’s sugar. I thought it was brilliant to add a savory touch to the doughnut batter. Must.make.again.
I forgot to grab a menu before we left so I couldn’t remember exactly what we ate. But I did order the veal for my entree and it was fall-off-the-bone delicious.
Since we didn’t start dinner until almost 8:45pm, we decided to get dessert to go. I am not going to lie, dessert confused me. The whipped cream tasted bitter, but it paired well with the chocolate mousse. Interesting.

Today was a loooong day, and I am about to face plant into bed.