I wonder how many times I can use the word “heat” in a post title?

If the weather continues this way for the rest of summer, you can bet your sweet, sweaty butt cheeks that it will used more than plenty. What’s the deal with this ball blazing heat? It’s a joke, right? Where are the hidden camera’s? Do you think Mother Nature is all, “Whatevs. I just need to get my heat on. Y’all are just gonna have to deal because sometimes a girl just needs to get out and do her thang. Ya know what I’m sayin’?”

Well, why Mother Nature was out getting her hot club scene on, I spent the weekend either trying to hide from the heat or dealing with it.

Friday I spent 75% of the day inside. I finally made time to sit in a chair for two hours and get the ol’ roots highlighted. They were looking a little freak town. Thankfully Leiagh worked her magic and was able to restore my image back to an 11/10.

After my haircut, I ventured down to the Denver Art Museum to meet up with Listy and Katie. We have been meaning to visit the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit for a while and finally had a free afternoon to check it out.

Sadly, they didn’t let us take any pictures, but we all walked away impressed with the exhibit. The clothes were stunning, and they did a great job telling the history behind Yves Saint Laurent, and how he became a designer. Did you know that he introduced ready-to-wear for women? He also introduced the tuxedo suit to women as well. Needless to say the man was a genius with exquisite taste.

We exited the exhibit just in time for happy hour. Coincidence? Perhaps. Linger was our destination of choice. Even thought it was scorching hot, we had to sit on the rooftop. I mean check out the view!

Drinks of choice, ginger collins + red sangria.

We also shared a couple of plates – bacon wrapped dates with goat cheese, waffle fries, sliders, cheese poppers, and a nann chile concoction. Finger lickin’ delicious.

Saturday was rough. Okay, rough is a total understatement. Brutal would be a better word to describe my early run with Listy. Apparently the giggle juice got the better of both us. Not only was I late for our run date (errrr 30 minutes to be exact), but it was 80 degrees at 7:30am. W.T.F? Listy and I were both hurting and kept saying over and over again, thank goodness we don’t have to run 20 miles. We finished our five miles, but it wasn’t pretty.

After our run, we met up with Cook and grabbed some brunch at Racine’s. I ordered the egg-white omelet with spinach, mushroom, and avocado. Eh. I don’t know if it was the heat or what, but the food did not taste good at all.

I spent the rest of the day running errands and catching up on things. Getting excited to be in Kansas City starting on Wednesday. Please tell me it’s cooler there?

Today I woke up refreshed and ready to take on this busy Sunday. Mr. B and I headed up to Fort Collins early this morning to meet a friend and his wife for lunch. You could definitely see the fires in the west. It’s crazy to think that 2, 030 people are fighting this fire. 83, 255 acres have burned already and only 45% of the fire is contained.

After lunch we headed back down to Denver for Chance’s half birthday party at the Lehmans’. Poor Chance was born the day after Christmas so Max and Listy thought celebrating with a half birthday in June would be fun for the little guy.

The kids played in the backyard.

The adults sipped cold beverages.

And then we sang Happy Birthday to Chance! Aren’t these cupcakes cute?


What a fantastic weekend!

Now it’s time to cool off and watch some #TrueBlood.