As I mentioned early, the birthday shenanigans continued!

I love celebrating other people’s birthdays. In my opinion, everyone has the right to feel extra special on the day they were born. If I ever have children, they may find me terribly annoying. But I say, the more love the better!

Anyways, I have been telling Mr. B for the past two months that I wasn’t planning on getting him anything since last year I went waaaaay over the top.


Little did he know that I have been plotting the entire time.


For the past year, Mr. B has complained and moaned about not having a black North Face “poofy” coat like me. He always says that I get the “good stuff”. Duh, I’m a girl and need to look pretty. Priorities, sweetheart.

Well, I decided that I couldn’t let the poor guy suffer any longer. So last week, I marched my happy butt over to North Face and bought him his first poofy coat. I have never been more excited and thrilled ( I think I may have given the lady at the register Jazz Hands).

Anyways, today I was trying to think of fun ways on how I could surprise him with the coat. Do I make him play hot or cold? Nah. Do I hang it in the closet and say grab my coat (wink, wink)? Nope. Or do I put the coat in a Uncle Nordies bag with tissue paper and have him open the present like he was a five year old? Genius.

When Mr. B arrived home, we were sort of running behind for our dinner reservations so once he finished cleaning up, I ambushed him!

Needless to say, he loved the coat!

Since AC and Mr. B’s birthdays are in the same week, we decided to gather the village at Sushi Hai for dinner.

Love Sushi Hai.

The aesthetic is funky and chic, while the food is perfectly priced and delicious!

We ended up getting a private room because our crowd tends to get a little rowdy, especially if sake bombs are taking place. 

“Sake, sake, sake – BOMB!”
Have I ever mentioned that I am extremely thankful for our Denver village? We can talk about everything from breast feeding to fixing a house to skiing adventures to weight lighting all in the span of two hours. 

After sake bombs, we dove into plates of sushi. Mmmmm…..firecracker roll. Tastes like heaven. Shoot, I completely forgot to write down the ingredients in the roll. Darn, guess we’ll have to go back! 
I definitely think AC and Mr. B had a great birthday dinner. 
But knowing our village, we couldn’t end the night over sushi. Oh no, that would be way too easy. 
Instead, AC took the Karaoke mic and decided to send us off with a lovely ballad from Boston…“More Than a Feeling.”

And that’s a wrap! 
Til’ next year, keep it classy. 
Thankful Challenge: Day 9

Today I am thankful that my amazing husband was born. Life would not be the same without this man! Happy Birthday and I love you!