Did I scare you? I think I just scared myself.

I haven’t blogged in over two days and for some reason, I feel like a huge slacker. My apologies. Things have just been crazy, or at least that’s the way they appear in my head.

We didn’t get home from the mountains until almost 10pm on Sunday so it was a mad scramble to get ready for the week. I am telling you, there is nothing worse than knowing that you will be exhausted when you wake up on Monday morning. It makes me slightly vomit in my mouth.

But life goes on!

Monday was typical. Work. Laundry. Dinner. Bed.

See all of the stuff we have to deal with when we ski for the weekend? Aren’t you jealous?

Tuesday was better only because I knew that I was going to be hanging with the girls. We were supposed to have a picnic in the park with the babies but that got canceled due to weather. Then we tried to meet at Uncle Nordies for shopping and dinner, but that didn’t happen due to some unforeseen circumstances. So instead of all five of us being together, Tina, Katie, and I ended up having dinner at Kona. Their sushi was quite yummy.

Hopefully next week the weather will be nice!

Today, I had a lot more energy. I think that glass of Malbec at dinner made me pass out early because I slept really hard last night. My to-do list for today was big but I stayed focus. The funny thing is, when I went back to cross off the completed items on my list, I couldn’t! Don’t you hate when that happens? Errr. So I put some items on my list just so I could cross them off and actually feel useful today, like cooking dinner before class, deciding on which wall art from CB2 I should order, and showering.

Spring has definitely sprung here in Denver. As I walked to class I snapped a couple pictures of the trees and flowers.

Class was AWESOME! We read real copy, meaning to read “natural.” Some of the class struggled with this assignment but I rocked it! My teacher told me that my natural voice sounds like a sista. Do wha? Whatevs. At least I made the class laugh.

And by the way, I kid you not, my class is filled with some great doppelgangers! For example, Steve Jobs and Jayma Mayes (from Glee). I can’t stop staring at them! It’s so creepy how much they resemble the real person.

Glad the weekend is almost here. Hope you had a great hump day!