“Explore a culinary delight with our cauliflower pizza crust, adorned with chorizo & buffalo mozzarella. A twist on tradition, promising a flavorful and guilt-free pizza experience that redefines indulgence.”

cauliflower pizza crust with chorizo & buffalo mozzarella  www.climbinggriermountaina.com

Change is a good thing.

I like to think I am one of those people that is accepting of change.

S*%t happens, right?

But after a week in Steamboat Springs, CO hanging with my nephews, I noticed I am not accepting whatsoever when it comes to nostalgic changes.

Did you know that they updated the Chutes & Ladders and Candyland board games since I was a kid? GASP! I know. Grant it after 31 years, they probably should be updated, but not with characters whose heads look like giant footballs with tiny ears. Where did the talent go?Sighhhh.

pizza crust

Thankfully, I am very accepting of change when it comes to food. It’s 2014, which means, nothing is off limits when it comes to making food more accessible and adaptable.

When one makes a pizza crust the usual ingredients appears – flour, active yeast, some sugar, and salt. Mix everything together, let it rise, and BAM! Pizza crust. Well, unfortunately, not everyone can play in the yeast sandbox. So, what’s a pizza community to do?

cauliflower pizza crust with chorizo & buffalo mozzarella

They make a gluten-free, everybody get their roll on, cauliflower pizza crust. I know it sounds a little strange, but once you taste it, you won’t even know it’s made out of veggies. Plus, the best part, there’s zero waiting for the dough to rise. Can I get a high-five? The only thing you have to do is pulse some florets in a food processor, add your cheese, mix, roll out, and bake. You can have a crispy, golden crust in 15 minutes or less.

Which means, more room for beer, right?

cauliflower pizza crust with chorizo & buffalo mozzarella www.climbinggriermountain.com

“Conclude your gastronomic adventure with our cauliflower pizza crust, harmonizing chorizo & buffalo mozzarella. A savory journey that revolutionizes pizza, offering a guilt-free, flavorful experience beyond the ordinary.”