I seriously can’t believe I’ve reached the halfway point in my training. Where does the time go?

Over the past eight weeks, I’ve learned that a running partner is keeping my sanity intact. I’ve learned that a foot rolling log from the U.K. is keeping my planters fasciitis at bay. And, I’ve learned that running in the mornings makes me a happier person overall.

I wonder what I’ll learn over the next two months? Or, what kind emotions these super long runs will bring back? Only time will tell. Until then, on the with the recap!
Chicago Marathon Training Recap: Week Eight
Monday Rest. 
Tuesday3 miles. A gorgeous morning for a run! I finally had a good nights sleep after a busy weekend full of shenanigans. It’s truly amazing what seven hours of restful sleep can do for a person. Not only did I feel like a million bucks, but I was also able to witness God’s glowing beauty rising from the east.
Wednesday6 miles. Whewwwww bessie! Now that was a tough run. Want to guess why??? Yep, kickball. Our playoff game went into extra innings, and needless to say, the entire team was running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Sadly, we lost. Even though I’m sad kickball is over, I am really looking forward to having non-sore legs during the week! I woke up with a sore butt and legs again, which made my run less than stellar. The first five miles were pretty brutal. I had hard time finding a groove and needed to walk more than usual. Plus, it was muggy as heck! WTF Denver? The last mile I finally started to feel normal and settled into a nice pace. 6 miles, check.


Saturday13 miles. See the photo below? Isn’t it pretty? I took this picture of the sun rising as I was getting ready to leave my apartment on Saturday morning to meet Listy for our 13 mile run. Even though I was little tired because our crazy neighbor was getting her groove on again (we may need to have another chat), I was actually looking forward to hitting the pavement. But! Little did I know, this would be one of my worst runs to date. Why? I’m guessing it has something to do with the fact that I always psych myself out on these really long runs. As soon as I start running my mind goes bananas. I’ll tell myself, you’re going to get bored. You’ll have to walk a lot. You’ll cramp up. Seriously, what’s with the self-destructive talking? Poor Listy. She’s a saint for running next to my craziness. I’m not quite sure how I finished running all 13 miles, but I did. I’m making a mental note that from now on, only positive thinking!


SundayCross Train. Does watching the Olympics count as cross training? I did a lot of jumping up and down rooting for Team USA during the swimming and gymnastic preliminaries. Can you believe Jordyn Wieber isn’t in the individual all around? Major crazy town.
Total miles: 25 22
Catching up: