Dive into the rich indulgence of our Chorizo Croque Monsieur, layered with queso and accompanied by Cotija Guacamole. A tantalizing fusion awaits, promising a savory journey in every bite.

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You know the saying, “Math is the universal language.”

Well, I’m calling some bull-honky.

Have you ever stopped someone on the street in another country and asked them to solve the quadratic formula? And when you did stop them and presented your mathematical question, did they respond with the correct way in order to solve the problem? And from there, did you ask for directions in binary numbers? As if.

I would love to say that we all speak rubik’s cube and derivatives, but unfortunately, we all didn’t grow up in an engineering library.  What if I told you there was another universal language the world could rally behind? I’m talking the language of cheese, yo!

chorizo croque monsiuer

Hold on to your stink-eye for 2.2 nano seconds and hear me out. Today, I’ve meshed two cultures together without using an abacus or a memo. Enter this Chorizo Croque Monsieur with Queso & Cojita Guacamole. This sandwich has all the Spanish spice from the chorizo and the French buttery goodness. Top with a little melted cheese on top…..could you imagine if they made this sammie back in the middle ages? Countries would have been way more chilaxed.

Not only is cheese a great vehicle to broaden your cultural horizon, it’s actually quite good for you. Cheese is full of nutrients – calcium, vitamin D, and potassium. Plus, it’s a great snack that provides high quality of protein.

So, if you are looking to start up a conversation with someone from another country, ask them to cut the cheese. Wait. Pass the cheese.

Send help.

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Conclude your culinary adventure with our Chorizo Croque Monsieur featuring queso and Cotija Guacamole—a harmonious blend that leaves a lasting, savory impression. Elevate your taste experience with this flavorful masterpiece.