Hi y’all, and welcome to Cocktail Week!

For those of you just stepping into the saloon, nine other bartenders bloggers and I are dedicating an entire week to nothing but the giggle juice. That’s right. We are pulling booze from every shelve and leaving no pint, mug, or glass unfilled. In the words of my friend Willy Wonka, we are about go sideways, backways, longways, and slantways. 
So put on your best pair of britches and get ready to dance Coyote Ugly style!
Okay, we all know the famous line, “One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR!”. . . and some of us may have experienced it first hand. Cough, cough. Straight tequila is just plain naughty. Best left to one-eyed outlaws, if you ask me. That’s why I want to introduce you to the better of half of straight tequila: Paloma. My friend Listy actually introduced me to this citrus-y drink a couple of years ago after she returned from vacationing south of the border. Usually I’m not the one to go for the tropical drinks – especially if it has tequila in it. But when she explained it tasted like “summer in a glass,” I had to give it a “shot.” 
So I filled a glass with ice. Poured tequila, Fresca, and orange juice to the rim. Gave it a big ol’ swirl. Looked at Listy for reassurance, and slowly sipped my way into summer bliss. 
I’d never tasted something so refreshing, pure, and summery. I knew Listy would never lead me astray, but she’d hit the freaking jackpot with this drink. I could hardly taste the tequila, and the effervescence vibe from the Fresca had this girl wanting to line dance! What more could I want? 
So, friends, grab a straw, because the giggle juice is flowing! Make sure to check out the other fantastic ladies of Cocktail Week:

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Today’s special…
Katie @ Hill Country Cook – Watermelon Mojito 
Yours Truly – Paloma

Getting ready to pour…
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And…..if you really want to get down on this epic week of cocktails. Head on over to Megan’s blog to enter her giveaway for a chance to win a KitchenAid blender! Holla!

(inspired by my friend Listy)
Makes 1 drink 
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes 
1 shot tequila
2 shots Fresca
3 shots orange juice
ice cubes
lime wedge, garnish
Fill glass with ice and pour tequila, Fresca, and orange juice. Stir and garnish with lime wedge. Sip and enjoy!