Ahhh, breakfast. How I love you. Let me count the ways….
Breakfast is the first thing on my mind when I wake up in the morning. Funny how that works, because I am not a morning person. Just ask Mr. B. Usually, I am a complete grump.
But once I start whisking eggs with a splash of cream in a bowl and begin sipping my cup of joe….I morph into a much more pleasant person.
There are so many ways to have breakfast. A cheese omelet, pancakes with maple syrup, blueberry muffins, or a chorizo burrito.
The options are endless!
My favorite way to enjoy breakfast is pretty simple.
A slice of whole wheat toast covered in strawberry jam. Scrambled or sunny side up eggs. And a cup of dark coffee with a splash of half-n-half and a scoop of sugar.

Do you enjoy breakfast? If so, what is your go to meal?