“Embark on a flavor adventure with our ‘Devil in a ‘Dilla,’ featuring a luscious Apricot Bourbon Glaze. A tantalizing fusion of heat and sweetness, redefining your quesadilla experience.”

devil in a ‘dilla with apricot bourbon glaze www.climbinggriermountain.com

I just can’t do it.

Every time they appear on the TV screen, I immediately shut my eyes. My heart begins to beat quickly as if there is a large gaggle outside my front door. And my hands begin to perspire because I have no idea how to use a crossbow, nor do I know a guy named Darryl.

I’m talking about the Walking Dead zombies.


Yes, I realize I’m 31 years-old and its a made-up TV show, but a girl can only handle so much neck-gnawing, intestine-eating and knife-stabbing action! The funny thing is, zombies are the dumbest and least scary in the realm of horror creatures. Jason, Freddy, and Mike Myers are the all-time scariest characters that I would like to permanently erase from my memory.

I remember accidentally watching Jason one Halloween when I was in grade school and sleeping on my parents floor because I was so freaked out he was going to find and ’86 me. Oh, and then there was the time I watched the Exorcist because my brother thought it was a good idea. I slept with crucifix for over a month.

devil in a ‘dilla with apricot bourbon glaze

Clearly, anything with horror on the tube is not my cup of tea. All I know is that I hope Darryl survives the show because he is clearly a badass and if the Apocalypse goes down, I need his number. But let’s talk real quick about something that is far from scary. Yes, it has the word devil in it, but it’s more like let’s be naughty because it’s Friday, yo.

We are all familiar with the famous appetizer, Devil on Horseback. A date stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in bacon. One of my favs! But I thought it would be fun to put the devil in a different vehicle. Enter the, quesadilla. Fill it with all the usual ingredients, but a little more cheese. It’s so easy a zombie could do it!

devil in a ‘dilla with apricot bourbon glaze www.climbinggriermountain.com

“Conclude your culinary journey with the ‘Devil in a ‘Dilla,’ boasting an Apricot Bourbon Glaze. An irresistible balance of heat and sweet, creating a devilishly delicious and memorable dining experience.”