“Delight in gourmet bites with our roasted brussel sprout quinoa bites stuffed with gruyere. A perfect fusion of robust flavors and wholesome ingredients, offering a delectable twist on bite-sized delights.”

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I can’t get enough of these little truckers.

The obsession is strong.

What is it about brussel sprouts that gets me all hot and bothered? Don’t answer that. But honestly, brussel sprouts are the new kale. GASP. Wait. Has this already happened? I swear I am always late to the veggie trend garden party.

Anyways, I have been on a serious Chuck Norris brussel sprout kick lately. I’ve put them in egg sandwiches for your weekend brunch festivities. I’ve served them up with some sexy pasta because we all need a little more balance in our lives. But after whipping up these two dishes, I didn’t realize that brussel sprouts are in season, yo.

Do what, you ask? I didn’t know either until my friend, Becky, author of The Vintage Mixer, put out her Eat Seasonal Guide for March. You could imagine my excitement when I found brussel sprouts were listed among the veggies in season. I felt like I was #trending.

So, to add to my already sexy list of brussel sprout dishes, these quinoa bites are just the thing I needed to keep my obsession going. Because using the word obsession with a green vegetable in the sentence is healthy, right? Plus, these have burrata oozing from the middle. Can we please celebrate with a Chuck Norris high kick? Too much? Never.

Seasonal Eating Series:


My talented and fantastic friend, Becky, author of The Vintage Mixer, and her husband Josh, are showing us that eating seasonally can be fun! Each month they will provide a Seasonal Produce Guide, which you can save on your iPhone or desktop so you can get in the seasonal eating spirit.

Not only do they provide a beautiful illustration each month like the one above, you can also join me and a few fabulous food bloggers who are serving up seasonally inspired recipes. Follow us on Instagram and tag your photos with the #eatseasonal hashtag!

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“Conclude your culinary journey with our roasted brussel sprout quinoa bites stuffed with gruyere, each bite is a harmonious blend of flavors, creating a gourmet sensation that satisfies and delights.”