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Growing up, I loathed Lent.

I was perplexed as to whyyyyyyyy we had to give up something we loved for forty days. Why not seventeen? Or eight? And let’s be real, typically everyone gives up sweets or soda because it’s a good time to revisit the New Years resolution diet. Am I right?

I also didn’t understand the whole no meat on Fridays situation. Seriously, why not Mondays? Or Tuesday? And can we please talk for a quick second about how McDonald’s and Wendy’s bust out their fliet o’ fish during this religious time out. We know there is no way in sam hill that is real fish. Maybe do a few more vegetarian options? Have you heard of quinoa?

So, this is probably the time where I tell you, I’ve grown up and fully understand the reason for Lent. Or is this where I confess I’m more Catholic-light than Catholic-Catholic? Sorry, Ma. Either way, no matter what you believe, I do think it’s important to reflect and realize there is something bigger than all of us.

Oh, and you know the Big JC would totally get down on some Rice Krispie Coated Fish and Chip Tacos. Could you imagine if JC brought back this golden cod in a tortilla topped with crispy fries and a tangy tater sauce to his disciples. I think he would saying something like, “Yo, Peter! These tacos are snap, crackle and pop man!”

And that’s why we eat fish on Fridays. True story.

“Conclude your culinary journey with our Rice Krispie Coated Fish and Chip Tacos. A harmonious blend of crunch and flavor, transforming the traditional fish taco into a delightful and unforgettable gastronomic experience.”