“Embark on a sweet journey with our creation—Spiced Indian Pudding. A harmonious blend of spices and sweetness that transforms dessert into a delightful cultural experience.”

Do you ever feel like the world is giving you the stink-eye?

Not in a stink-eye karma kind of way. But more of a, get off your tookus, channel your inner Christopher Columbus, and see the world kind of way.

Sometimes, however, I’m like, “Whoa! Chillax! I don’t have to see every square inch of this planet right right away.” Clearly, I am only 30 years old and have plenty of time to travel to all seven continents. But in the back of my mind, I have this funny suspicion that the world is telling me to travel to places that are outside my pool and margarita comfort zone.

spiced indian pudding

I do want to travel the world and see every square inch, but the thought of strolling the streets in China, South Africa, and especially India, makes me want to pee my pants. Don’t get me wrong, I love different cultures and learning about their past, you just have to get me there.

I’ve always been a homebody. True story: I once attempted a sleep-over at a girlfriend’s house that lived right across the street. I was fine until we had to go to sleep. Once the lights went out, I bolted. I marched my happy butt home, blanket in hand, to sleep in my bed. I probably looked like a homeless person trolling the streets.

spiced indian pudding

Since I’m not traveling to the other side of the world anytime soon, or at least not until the hubs racks up those international miles, I will have to settle with my version of international cuisine. And to start, I figured why not make a dish with spice, warmth, and a sugary kick. I found this recipe and it instantly reminded of what India would taste like. All the markets full of local spices and herbs, which is why this pudding is perfect.

In this pudding you’ll find dark, thick molasses, cinnamon, ground ginger, and a little brown sugar to sweeten it up. I’m telling you, after one bite, you’ll feel like you’re being whisked away to New Delhi!

Just don’t forget your blankie.

spiced indian pudding


“Conclude your culinary adventure with the exquisite Spiced Indian Pudding. A symphony of flavors that leaves your taste buds enchanted and craving more.”