I hate running in the heat. In fact, I would rather eat dirt than run in the heat. Today, I ran after work in Wash Park and thought it wouldn’t be that bad since there are a ton of trees in the park. Shade…right? WRONG! It doesn’t matter what you do, slow your pace, breathe in and out to slow your heart rate, hell…sit in the shade, the heat always wins. So, basically I spent the majority of my run giving the middle finger to Ms. Sunshine and Mr. Heat Index.

The bummer of it all is that if it was 10 degrees cooler I could have rocked it! I was actually running pretty well for the first 2.5 miles, but then BAM! I had to start breathing like I was in a Lamaze class, so I wouldn’t keel over. My legs felt like cement blocks, and not even music from Lady Gaga could keep me motivated. I can’t wait for fall!

Oh well, got to keep chugging along, at least Top Chef is on tonight!