Last night, I went to Whole Foods to pick up some groceries for this week. I usually buy certain items like meat, produce, yogurt, etc. at Whole Foods and get my eggs and milk at Safeway. Well, the weather was getting bad and I didn’t want to stop at Safeway to just get eggs so I bought cage-free organic eggs at Whole Foods.

Bret and I have been reading tons of research on whether or not cage-free eggs are actually better for you than regular eggs. Recent USDA studies have shown that there really is no difference between the two, but who knows…it is all one BIG marketing mess!! 

(But, if you are interested in reading about the difference, here is the link to the TIME magazine article:,8599,2002334,00.html )

Anyways, knowing that Bret would frown upon my decision, I got home and ripped off the label of the cage free eggs in an atempt to disguise them as “regular” eggs…….

Little did I know that you can’t fool an engineer, especially when on the inside of the egg carton it says, “Cage Free Large Brown Eggs.”