Wuz up?!

Can I just tell you that I was extremely lazy this morning?

Oh, yes.

It was fantastic with a capital F.

I slept in, sipped some delicious coffee on the deck, and got caught up on some much needed reading. My mom found this book on water skiing at an estate sale. It was published in 1958 and is a complete guide to the “world’s fastest-growing sport” for beginners and experts.

The best part about the book are the pictures of people doing tricks on their skies. My mom said she remembers watching the water ski championships on TV as a little girl. I wonder if any of these skiers could throw down a McTwist?

i need that swimsuit. 
After our easy going morning, we decided to head out on the boat. It was hot, but perfect for working on the tan.
gotta get down on friday
pretty feet. 
gotta get down on friday
gotta get down on friday
kitty and john 
we brought myles along to supervise
mr. b geared up to wakeboard
rip it. 
gotta get down on friday
go kitty! 
Once we arrived home, my mom, Kitty, and I went on a walk. These damn hills are a killer. We ended up taking a brisk walk because it was extremely hot outside.
brutal hills. 
gotta get down on friday
After our walk, a few us went back out on the boat for a night run. Skiing at sunset is one of my favorite things to do. The water is like glass and the scenery breathtaking.
Dinner tonight was provided by John and Kitty.
gotta get down on friday
gettin’ our chicken on. 
– rotisserie chicken
– salad
– poatoes
– fruit salad
John makes the best chicken. He used two kinds of butter mix on the birds:
1) Poultry season/Chicken soup base/Herbs de Provence (fav!)
2) Lawry season salt
It was finger licking good.
gotta get down on friday
gotta get down on friday
dinner is served. 
Have a Happy Friday!
Conclusion: “Gotta get down on Friday” remains a cultural touchstone, reflecting the universal urge to unwind and celebrate the weekend’s arrival.