Another Saturday well spent. Yesterday, we celebrated with our group of friends a combo of events. Drew and Tina, a couple that we have known for about year now, were celebrating their recent nuptials, Drew’s birthday and the announcement of Tina becoming pregnant! So, what better way to celebrate than to have a smashing party at your house with the new deck you just built for the back yard! Brilliant.
Not only are Drew and Tina a fantastic couple as well as friends, they live in a neighborhood just NW of Downtown Denver that has a lake in their back yard! For me, this is like hitting the jack pot! Awesome friends with boat, can’t beat that!

Even though the weather was spotty in the afternoon, the party was a blast and Drew and Tina looked so happy!
Check out some of the pics of the day:
Bret loading up with the essentials…..

Tina and Drew, the happy couple:)

The Groom in his favorite t-shirt

Me, Tina, and Listy

Happy Birthday Drew!

Birthday Boy Cake, YUM, YUM!

Me, Megan and Listy…aren’t we so pretty?!

Leigh Ann and Jerad

Meg, did you miss the memo that this was a BBQ and not a rodeo? 

Max and Jerad playing bean bags

AC with the wind-up….

Meg and Ned, such a cute couple!

Yeah, for mom’s to be!!!!

Me and Mr. B

Green may be your new color, babe:)

What you look like before you drink Red Bull…..

….and what you look like after. WARNING: Red Bull does not give you wings if consumed.